Lua editor in Qt Creator

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Konstantin Tokarev

Dec 13, 2011, 5:54:58 AM12/13/11
to lqt-bindings
Hi all,

This message is a bit off-topic, however I think it may be interesting
for some of you.

I'm developing a plugin for Qt Creator [1] containing Lua editor. It's
possible to adapt editor for generic Lua development, which could be
beneficial e.g. for mixed C++/Lua projects. It's also possible to
split editor into separate plugin.

Current features of editor:
* Autoindentation
* Simple autocompletion (Qt Creator dubs "completion" such things as
automatic closing braces)
* Context menu with items "comment selection" and "autoindent
selection" with usual Qt Creator shortcuts.
* Navigation to files with F2 if string literal under cursor is
correct file name
* Syntax highlighting file for Generic Highlighter is included with
plugin to work on non-KDE platforms (Qt Creator automatically picks
Kate syntax files, but Lua file is not shipped with Qt Creator)

I'm planning to use LuaInspect to build code model for editor. It
should allow navigation, better highlighting and autocompletion of


John Abrahamsen

Apr 20, 2014, 4:17:10 AM4/20/14
What is the status of this plugin now? :)
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