Release of LPM ver 1.53

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Masahiro Kasahara

Apr 2, 2014, 8:28:19 AM4/2/14
Dear all,

We are proud to annouce LPM ver 1.53. We have tons of new features
since the last announce on this ML.

- Added 'lpm update' command.
The update operation saves current files of a specified package,
uninstall the files, and install the latest version. If build fails,
you can easily roll back to the previous version by a single command
(lpm thaw).
This command does not find if newer versions are available, so if
you update a package even if it's already up-to-date, it just
reinstalls the package.
- Added 'lpm freeze/thaw/fridge'.
You can create a tar archive of the files in a specified package.
This feature was needed to implement 'lpm update'. Another use case
might be you create a tar ball of the binary files in a package, and
you can copy it to another machine with the same OS (and libraries).
- paco was now obsolete, so lpm moved to porg, the successor of paco.
- 'lpm initlocaldir' works without internet connection. (Still you
need to copy the tar ball of porg manually.)
- lpm now automatically which Linux distribution it is running on.
This feature may help an LPM script writer install different binaries
depending on Linux distribution.
- When lpm fails to build, it shows "Depends:" if available. This may
remind users if any dependencies are missing.
- Added root mode (experimental and optional). Not tested at all so do
not use in a production environment.
lpm was designed to work without root, but if you have root access,
lpm can install packages for all users.
- Tons of bug fixes. Better messages.

We welcome any feedback and comments.

Masahiro Kasahara
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