Chapter 4 continued.

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Apr 26, 2022, 8:55:34 AM4/26/22
to Lotte in Weimar; book discussion
At this point clearly Latte is interested in continuing the visit and conversation.  Latte apologizes to Adele for her long wait, which Mager had made clear at the beginning of this chapter.  Adele explains that she was patient with her impatience in waiting to be recieved by Latte.  The way she expressed “patience in impatience…” Latte says, “oh how pretty my child…I see you add to your other talents no small aptitude for metaphysics”.  
Adele now seated beside Latte tells about the cultural changes she has and is experiencing   
 In her generation.  She explains how in Goethe’s generation she says we would say MIND and that was “Gehimrat”, and now we say Culture.  While it is clear now that both Lotte and Adile are both intellectuals …educated women with intellect not just artistic.  Adile exposes Goethe’s view of women is that they are not deemed to in his words the lofty realms of poetry and intellect.  (Blue stockings)
We learn along with Lotte, from aAdele’s rapid but precise speech that Goethe’s mistress was invited into the Salon and that helped lure Gothe into the group.  WeAlso learn how and when he finally married his low born and crude before her time mistress when their love child…
Lotte and aAdele exchange family history and genealogies And Adele leads us all to her major concern and request for Latte’s help…her beloved friend’s “engagement” to Goethe’s “unworthy” son in Adele’s view based on close observation and study.
Chapter 5 is very densely packed with history and an evolving portrait of Goethe …not all god like!  
Worth noting Adele’s puts before Latte the subject of tyranny and explains how not a harsh tyranny but a natural one gradually put Goethe above them all as she witnessed in the Salon over the years, until he was worshiped and he came to love the addiction to power and status.
Chapter 5 this afternoon.  Tx
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