Chapter 5

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May 1, 2022, 5:12:13 PM5/1/22
to Lotte in Weimar; book discussion
Hi Nori and Jan,
Thanks Nori for the historical work.  Wonderful and helpful.  I am posting in the AM still trying to write what I add add to the discussion then…I am thing I have found order in this chaotic writing…the peasants outside the inn trying to see and gaze their fill of her are not really different from any of her encounters in chapter 1 - 5.  They all want something from Latte, even if is just a gaze, a piece of paper she signed, to make the inn waiter feel important, to connect with Late as if she and the Dr. Are both victims of Goethe, or to get her help in saving a friend from a bad marriage…
I am thinking this chaos is intentional on Mann’s part, and look forward to finding out why.  I agree with the creation of the Weinmar republic connects as I hinted earlier you you write about wonderfully.  This makes me wonder what inspired Mann to write this when had just left Germany?
More in the morning.
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