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Long Huynh

Sep 27, 2020, 3:26:38 AM9/27/20
to LOTODAUsers
Hi All,
Welcome to LOTODA IoT Platform - Your IoT Connected Devices
Open solution of The Internet of Things on LOTODA IoT Platform
Now, just Sign-up/Login, it's FREE for user

LOTODA is one solution of Internet of Things, we are a integrated Internet of Things platform on the cloud, allowing the real-time data collected from the connected devices are managed, allowing storing data and alerting information, monitor and control connected devices such as sensor, actuator and so on. LOTODA App support to run based on almost recent OS including as Linux, Window, Android and iOS of Apple.

Thank you so much, now please enjoy it.

Please let your message or any comment at this LOTODA forum, LOTODA team will support you to solve any your issue and problem.


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