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Apr 12, 2008, 2:19:52 PM4/12/08

I am brand new to lophophora growing. I recently planted 110 seeds
spread across 3 containers. So far I have only had 10 sprouts (its
been 3 weeks now so I don't expect any more). I will try to post some
photos. I think one of my trays is too wet (the perlite is turning
green) so I am gonna let it sit out a bit before I put it back in its

My original intent was to graft some of the seedlings to an Opuntia
Compressa that I have been growing. However with such a low
germination rate I am reluctant to risk any of my sprouts to grafting
- has anyone had any luck grafting lophophora seedlings to an Opuntia?
(I will try to attach a picture of the cactus I intended to use as
grafting stock as well).



Apr 17, 2008, 11:13:07 AM4/17/08
Try a different seed supply or method. 10/110 is pretty low.
I had good success with Koehres Cactus (avg 50% germination +) and
Pavel Pavlicek seed (avg (65%+) - although Pavlicek is a bitch to
order through because he just refuses to get with the times (online
ordering) to overcome the language barrier. As of this date he still
refuses to send me my last order of about $30, claiming it was an
amount outstanding - Bull*#@t! but whatever his seeds are fantastic.
The problem is he uses this whole "send your order with money" idea.
Worked well the 1st time... but that was it and I got burned after

Also my best heat source was placing the whole (plastic impermeable)
container on top of my computer monitor's back, where the seed tray
got warmed just perfectly at good intervals. These changes in temp.
really stimulate germination.

Lophophora Blog

May 5, 2008, 2:41:35 PM5/5/08
Your seed trays look very wet - especially the one pictured in
IMG_0442.JPG. Do your containers have proper drainage? I would not
keep the growing containers quite as wet (they should be soaked before
sowing and then kept damp, but with proper drainage) and as Runner
suggests, I would probably try another seed supplier - a germination
rate below 10% is not good.

Lophophora Blog

May 5, 2008, 2:50:15 PM5/5/08
Regarding your question on Opuntia grafting, my experience is very
limited. Last year I grafted 8 Lophophora seedlings on Opuntia
compressa stock and 7 of them took (pretty good for a first try ;-)
The plants haven't grown much since then but seems to do fine (they
are living in my coldhouse; the last photo in this post
shows them coming out of winter). I hope to do more Opuntia grafts
this season.
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