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Kip Warner

Aug 19, 2014, 7:06:08 PM8/19/14
On Tue, 2014-08-19 at 18:37 +0000, wrote:
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> Topic: [PATCH] sm712fb: the accelerated framebuffer driver for Silicon Motion SM712
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> From: Tom Li <>
> Date: Aug 19 07:24PM +0800
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> Anyone who has a YeeLoong Laptop will find the graphics performance is
> unacceptable. Even just run dmesg, the output will take a lot of time.
> In fact, there is a built-in 2D acceleration engine in SM712, the video chip
> of YeeLoong. And the driver which supports the acceleration, appeared in
> the early-days pull request of YeeLoong to the Linux Kernel.
> But they were removed because a major bug causing the system hang.
> Since Linux 3.16, the sm7xxfb was kicked out by Greg Kroah-Hartman, because
> nobody maintains it.
> I'm working on a new fork of sm7xxfb, called sm712fb. I dropped other cards
> supporting because they just make the working harder. I did some code cleanup
> and just finished the bug-free 2D accelerated fillrect(), copyarea() and
> imageblit() support. It makes the framebuffer much faster. Reading long logs
> is not a problem anymore.
> I'll submit the patch here. I hope it will be got more testing before I submit it
> to the upstream.
> Please test it, and report your experience. Any bug report, suggestion and
> comment are welcomed.

Hey Tom,

Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I have a YeeLoong and have
long since had concerns about the VGA's performance. Although I am not
confident enough in my kernel skills to apply your patch, I do look
forward to seeing this hopefully eventually find its way into stable

Take care,

Kip Warner -- Senior Software Engineer
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