Compiling SDK.UBNT.v5.1 with quagga enabled

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Jan 23, 2010, 5:25:51 PM1/23/10
to longdistancewifi
The process for enabling quagga for the SDK.UBNT.v5.1 SDK obtained
from (Product = AirMax ISP
Solutions; Model = Bullet M5-HP) was:

1. Obtain and extract the SDK.UBNT.v5.1.tar.bz2 file
2. Change to the SDK.UBNT.v5.1/openwrt directory
3. Create a symbolic link for feeds/packages/net/quagga in packages/
feeds/packages/net with the command:
ln -s feeds/packages/net/quagga /packages/feeds/packages/net
4. Preparing to configure quagga support - the configuration module
comes pre-compiled for Ubuntu x86_64 systems. If this is not the
system you are using you must recompile it with this command set:
cd scripts/config && make clean && make && cd -
5. Start configuration process by running the following command:
make menuconfig
6. Enter the Networking configuration to enable the quagga option
- Select the quagga line and press spacebar twice to enable quagga
to build into the kernel
- Press enter with quagga selected to enable quagga options such as
zebra and ospf (Currently we turn on everything except for isisd as
built-in components)
7. Exit menuconfig, saving the new configuration file when prompted
8. Run 'make' to build the system

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