Table belt sander

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Andy Copplestone

Aug 29, 2022, 9:08:17 AM8/29/22
I have now decommission the belt sander 
Blown out the foam dust, repositioned the belt 

Note there is a bolt missing that holds the small table, where the disc sander is, photo 2 refers 
And photo 3 the welded lugs that holds the screw is sheared
As promised the spare sander belts and discs
I will dig out the instruction book 
 Hope you guys can't find a good home for this, its too big for my sanding booth, for 4 year its done a lot in eva foam armor build details

Forsaken media
@designhaus #twitchtv 
All creativity in the name of art


Ant -

Aug 29, 2022, 9:36:41 AM8/29/22
As mentioned I'd be very happy to give it a new home if the feeling is that it wouldn't survive contact with the space given we have an industrial grade unit that is on occasion in need of repair given the way it's used.

In that vein I'd be more than happy to come collect it however if someone has a suggestion for how it could be used in the space then obviously I'd miss out on what looks like a cracking addition to a hobiest setup. Can either leave it a week or two to see if someone has a suggestion or if you need the space I can come pick it up in the near future and then if someone thinks of somewhere it could be used in the next few weeks take it in to the space on my next visit.

Kind regards

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forsaken media

Aug 29, 2022, 1:18:17 PM8/29/22
I have put this in a safe  place in my art/streaming studio  (aka  the converted garage) as I'm in the process of finishing off  a cosplay for the elstree comic con on the 10th Sept, which finishing off entails painting, mounting led battery units into Pauldrons, my new smaller  table belt sander will be delivered until the 3rd week of  Sept

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