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Sep 30, 2011, 8:32:48 AM9/30/11
to London Hackspace
Hey all, thank you for all your help in the past. It is time to pull
together again for the next release / phase of the project. Our
current focus is developing Sukey to run on the protest on 9th
November, '9k Nov'.

*I want a technical solution to get a live stream on the ground at the
protest to cover the whole thing, like on:
*I would like to run a couple of developer meetups / hackdays before
then, would anyone like to help me run those?
*I also think a training day / orientation / get together with our
volunteers who will help us run the mapping and messaging consoles on
the day would be useful, volunteers?
*We have a public IRC channel: #sukey on and also
*We are buying a batch of sukey t-shirts from threadme at cost price
because their sales have been a bit slow. I hope a few of you will
join me in buying one in support of the app (I think the t-shirts are
actually alright, I have not seen them yet).

Current goals (I would love an indication of what area people would
like to work in):

-Get a new revision of the webapp released in time for 9th November
(merge Bernie's code with existing webapp): HTML, JS, CSS
*uploading photos
*secure reporting
*custom kml layers (incl. free wifi hotspots)

-Improve performance of the mapping interface (JS, XML)

-Help plan and support the deployment / facilitation of another group
in Manchester who would like to run a sukey-like service for their
November protests.

-Android app: SukeyCasacade (our smartphone to dumbphone sms relay).
We need to complete the codebase that dave wrote for us and include
some unsubscribe features for the recipients on the smartphone buddy
list. **Ask me if you don't understand what I am on about.** (Android
Java. android.telephony.SmsManager:

-a full native Android version of the webapp, SukeyDroid.- nudge me
about dev equipment if that is an obstruction to volunteering.

-a full native Apple IOS version of the webapp, iSukey- if you take
this one up then nudge me about apple developer licensing and dev
equipment if that is an obstruction to volunteering.

-Rework the website to remove all php, replacing with HTML
generated with django. (Python, HTML, JS) to improve security.

-Help us to select and redeploy to a new hosting solution- we have a
reasonable fund to do this .

-Security harden the new hosting solution.

-Investigate amazon fast DNS switching for suitability to the service.

-Ensure the hosting solution can scale to accommodate high peak demand
(we may be releasing several features at once and I am not sure what
the server load will look like).

-Spec and setup an ops sever for private email, dev
sandbox, private irc, shared resources: gitosis etc for Sukey devs.

-Is anyone going to Over the Air 2011?

-When we launch the apps, I also reckon it would be good if someone
dusted off the Kigu dinosaur costume and wear it around Shoreditch
developer conferences.with a Sukey t-shirt on too. Amit tells me that
the costume is quite a babe-magnet.

Thanks guys! (;..;)

Spike (Chris Foote)

Sep 30, 2011, 10:40:21 AM9/30/11
Yup!. @secti0n9 and I are here!

OTA is on today and Saturday.


On 30/09/2011 13:32, samthetechie wrote:
> -Is anyone go!ing to Over the Air 2011?

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