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Elliot West

Apr 1, 2011, 3:39:19 AM4/1/11
to London Hackspace
For those who are interested in the Nanode board:

A number of us have expressed an interest in purchasing bare Nanode boards - this should enable us to get a volume discount from the PCB manufacturer. Ken asked me to set up a pledge to gather the money needed to place the PCB order. As part of this process we discussed which other essential components we might be able to get cheaper in bulk.

We concluded that it made sense to include all of the components in each Nanode bundle. We reasoned that even if board buyers had cheaper ICs and Magjacks, they still might have to take a hit ordering the crystals, headers, etc. from Farnell - and likely incur postage costs too. Other components such as resistors could be be taken from Hackspace stock but there's no guarantee that we have them, or that it would be reasonable to do so. Resistors and caps are cheap - so we may as well order what we need.

In summary, the inaugural batch of Nanodes will be offered as complete kits only - they'll include the PCB and all components. Each kit will be sold at cost price and we'll shop around to get the best price possible for each component. The current price is £18 per kit - this might decrease if there is more interest. This should be the cheapest method for building a Nanode - as a group we'll be sharing the postage costs and enjoying some volume discounts.

This is a great deal: Arduino + Ethernet ( + construction fun) for less than the price of an Arduino Uno.

If you signed up for a bare board or are interested in the kit then please register your interest by pledging on the Nanode pledge page. The original 'bare board' list is still there - please remove your name from it when you have pledged or if you are not interested in a complete kit.

Please note: to avoid work/confusion, I'm not going to be managing the distribution of bare boards at this time. If you would like a Nanode from the first London Hackspace batch then please pledge for a kit. I guess this means that bare boards are not currently available.

Cheers - Elliot.

Elliot West

Apr 13, 2011, 12:53:06 PM4/13/11
to London Hackspace

There's has been an excellent response to the Nanode pledge. We now have enough interest to put together an order for PCBs and components. The PCB design will be finalized shortly but we are confident that we can fulfil the delivery of kits for £18.

To get the ball rolling I'd like to collect the pledge money in advance of placing orders with suppliers. Therefore, may I kindly request that you pay your pledge monies into the Hackspace account at your earliest convenience. Please use the reference 'NANODE1'.

Pledge details:

Nanode information:

Many thanks - Elliot.


May 10, 2011, 2:09:44 PM5/10/11
to London Hackspace
On Apr 13, 5:53 pm, Elliot West <tea...@gmail.com> wrote:
> To get the ball rolling I'd like to collect the pledge money in advance of
> placing orders with suppliers. Therefore, may I kindly request that you pay
> your pledge monies into the Hackspace account at your earliest convenience.
> Please use the reference 'NANODE1'.
> Pledge details:http://wiki.hackspace.org.uk/wiki/Pledges/Nanodes
> Nanode information:http://wiki.hackspace.org.uk/wiki/Project:Nanode
> Many thanks - Elliot.

Hello all,

This is a reminder that pledges for the nanode are still being called
in, it has been close to a month since Elliots first call - there is
still around 20 kits outstanding.

Ken has made some great progress and it looks like everything is
coming to a head, so if you are still in a position to pledge please
make movements sooner rather than later. If you are not, no problem
just remove yourself from the wiki page.

It's getting exciting, can't wait to get my hands on a couple!



May 11, 2011, 1:06:56 AM5/11/11
to london-h...@googlegroups.com

I've just paid my pledge (sorry about the lateness I assumed I'd missed the boat by not paying by the deadline, glad that's not the case). Unfortunately it is under the reference of 'MAKERBOT EXTRUDER' I didn't realise I wouldn't be prompted to enter a new payment Ref. and forgot to check before hitting send. Sorry


Russ Garrett

May 11, 2011, 4:03:13 PM5/11/11
to london-h...@googlegroups.com

Don't worry about it, the pledges operate on an honour system anyway -
the reference is only so I can account for it correctly.

(At least 3 other people have done the same thing, which is probably
more a reflection on banks' user experience than anything else.)

Russ Garrett

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