proposal for scripted guided tours

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Nov 19, 2011, 4:38:31 AM11/19/11
Harrow world.

Guided tours for the noobs is awesome and fluffy fun but a bit of a
pain in the backside. Agreed?

My main issues with guided tours are as follows:
1: Remembering all of the awesome things we have.
2: I often forget how awesome the technology is here.
3: I never feel like giving a full complete tour.
4: Handing off to someone else is especially awkward.
5: Frequently missing pertinent information.
6: Giving a group tour in the quiet room is annoying for those hiding
from the main room on a Tuesday night.

I believe that if we have a scripted presentation for each of the
rooms in the space we will find it easier to optimize and get all of
the relevent information to the noobie and install certain attractive
traits such as cleaning and being decent to each other. When I hear
most tours, especially my own, it can be quite disorganised and
confusing with lots of umming and ahhing.

I'm more than happy to begin the process of scripting something that
we can all edit and reduce down to something succinct but extremely
super dooper fluffy awesome for the newcomer to get all excited about

Lastly, once we scripted, it will become trivial to create tour guide
buttons in strategic locations for those who are too
embaressed/shy/dont_know_how to ask for a tour.

In fact maybe we need an 'i need a tour' button somewhere anyway.





Nov 19, 2011, 7:13:03 AM11/19/11
to London Hackspace
Script it.
Record it.
Attach audio playback device to Roomba.
Program Roomba to do the tour.


Nov 19, 2011, 8:23:50 AM11/19/11
to London Hackspace
whoever does it needs an Official Tour Guide sash!


Nov 19, 2011, 9:27:41 AM11/19/11
to London Hackspace
Cockroach Tour! Anyone think the Science Museum would notice if a few
costumes went missing?


Nov 19, 2011, 9:50:09 PM11/19/11
to London Hackspace
Sounds good Morris. At the very least it will serve as an good
jumping-off point for others wanting to do tours, so they don't forget

You'd probably even end up with more guides since I think right now
there are plenty of people who are unclear about our full

What about a filmed with voiceover youtube tour as well? It could be
the same as the written one and we could link prominently on the main
page. Might help get shy folk involved?


Nov 20, 2011, 1:50:11 AM11/20/11
Sounds awesome :)


Will Pearson

Nov 20, 2011, 5:38:23 PM11/20/11
to London Hackspace

On Nov 20, 2:50 am, SheraDreaming <> wrote:
> What about a filmed with voiceover youtube tour as well?  It could be
> the same as the written one and we could link prominently on the main
> page.  Might help get shy folk involved?

I'd think about having a very broad brush youtube video, 8 minutes
max. The details change very quickly, so going in to details is not a
good idea.

To give you an idea, I did a tour that someone put on youtube:

No idea how out of date it is (I haven't watched it yet), but it is
from January. I expect things to continue to change, we might even get
a new space or annexe another. So either we commit to making a video
every X months or we don't rely on the video to be that informative,
it would give an idea of the spirit of the place, rather than the
exact specifications of what is where and the current methods of



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