Nanode Kits - please check 1ohm and 10 ohm carefully

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Ken Boak

Jun 6, 2011, 1:05:03 AM6/6/11

We discovered a minor kitting error when we put together the first Nanodes on Saturday morning.

The silver and gold bands on the 1R and 10R resistors are almost impossible to distinguish from each other except in optimal light conditions.

Please check the value of the resistors supplied with a multimeter.

The 1R, if missing, can be replaced with a wire link, in the position marked "ferrite".

The 10R, if missing, is to provide a little low pass filtering on the analogue reference voltage and can be replaced with any low value resistor, a wire link or even the spare 1R resistor if you have been accidently supplied two pieces.  Neither is mission critical.

Space the 16MHz and 25MHz crystals about 1mm above the pcb surface to prevent possible shorting of the metal can to any exposed vias.  The instruction in the wiki build sequence does not state this emphatically.

Do not fit the two 68R resistors. These will be fitted later when we have working code for the Vusb programming method.



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