Babbage II: This Time It's Xeon?

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Dec 13, 2011, 7:27:45 AM12/13/11
Hello all -

I have an HP ML110G5 lying around that I'm replacing with a
Microserver. Long, long ago in archery range days I donated Babbage
and I'd like to do the same again.


Xeon 3065 - 2.33GHz (dual core)
1GB (goes to 8GB)
room for four SATA 3.5" drives and two 5.25" opticals (currently no
drives, due to them being swapped into another machine)

Currently, it runs the fan full speed, which has changed since I last
ran it. Needs a BIOS update I think, based on some Googling.

Anyone passing by Roman Road (Bethnal Green end) later in the week?
It's a bit big for a courier bag, so really needs motor transport or a
cargo bike/trailer.

FWIW, my other ML110 has been ridiculously stable, quiet and generally
blameless for several years now - they're nice machines.


Will Pearson

Dec 13, 2011, 8:40:14 AM12/13/11
to London Hackspace
Sounds good! Though I'm not sure anyone will have time to switch it
over before Christmas.

Hmm, we could possibly do with a concerted effort to catalogue what
computers we have and possibly a hack evening to get them all sorted
with minimal disturbance. I'll start a wiki page at some point
detailing what needs doing (and what data might need saving).


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