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James (AJP2)

Aug 29, 2019, 5:35:50 AM8/29/19
to London Hackspace
Hi all,

Couple of things that you can do to really help the space grow in members and are ridiculously easy to do:

Option 1. (I know some of you do this a lot already but it wasn't obvious to me) Take a picture of:
  • something cool you're making / have made in the space
  • ask someone's permission who's making something interesting (I still don't do this enough)
  • or better yet encourage them to take a picture and then and there and then...
Send it to trus...@london.hackspace.org.uk or tweet it at @londonhackspace and it'll get retweeted.  Or post to the flickr pool: https://www.flickr.com/groups/londonhackspace/pool

Option 2. Go to this page and follow the instructions 
2. Type in an interest of yours.
3. Move and zoom the map around a bit (some results are hidden) and add to: https://wiki.london.hackspace.org.uk/view/Advertising#Groups_to_contact

Makes it easier for others to use these details shortly in a little advertising campaign.

Boom, nice one!  * High five *

James (AJP2)

Oct 2, 2019, 5:10:47 PM10/2/19
to London Hackspace
Hey all,

We've now contacted 40+ local groups and local news as well as regional news and posted some things on message boards.
It's taken a lot of time from a very small number of us.
If you have an hour or half an hour to help out please hit "reply privately" on this and email me.
They need an email address or a url pointing to their contact form.
This would be great and save us a lot of time.

* The Hampstead Scientific Society http://www.hampsteadscience.ac.uk/
* Brunel University Robotic Engineering Society - https://brunelstudents.com/societies/bres/
* Brunel University Tech Society - https://brunelstudents.com/societies/tech/
* Brunel University Applied Technologies Society - https://brunelstudents.com/societies/appliedtech/
* Brunel University Digital Society - https://brunelstudents.com/societies/bruneldigital/
* Brunel University Crypto Society - https://brunelstudents.com/societies/crypto/
* Brunel University Design Society - https://brunelstudents.com/societies/design/
* Brunel University Electronic Engineers Society - https://brunelstudents.com/societies/19194/
* Brunel University Engineering Brunel Society - https://brunelstudents.com/societies/engineeringbrunel/
* Brunel University Astronomy Society - https://brunelstudents.com/societies/astronomy/
* Brunel University Esports Society - https://brunelstudents.com/societies/esports/
* Brunel University Sci Fi and Fantasy Society - https://brunelstudents.com/societies/scififantasy/
* Brunel University Dungeons and Dragons Society - https://brunelstudents.com/societies/19136/
* Brunel University Anime Society - https://brunelstudents.com/societies/anime/
* Imperial College Blockchain and Crypto-Technologies Society - https://www.imperialcollegeunion.org/activities/a-to-z/blockchain-and-crypto-technologies
* Imperial College Electrical Engineering Society - https://www.imperialcollegeunion.org/activities/a-to-z/electrical-engineering
* Imperial College Mechanical Engineering Society - https://www.imperialcollegeunion.org/activities/a-to-z/mechanical-engineering
* Imperial College Imperial College Chemical Engineering Society - https://www.imperialcollegeunion.org/activities/a-to-z/chemical-engineering
* KCL Data Science Society - https://www.kclsu.org/organisation/17799/
* KCL FinTech Society (Financial Technology) - https://www.kclsu.org/organisation/fintech/
* KCL Biomedical Sciences Society - https://www.kclsu.org/organisation/biomedsoc/
* KCL Bioscience Students' Association - https://www.kclsu.org/organisation/biomedical/
* KCL Maxwell (Physics Society) - https://www.kclsu.org/organisation/maxwell/
* KCL Gaming and Esports (KCLGE) Society - https://www.kclsu.org/organisation/kclge/
* London Metropolitan University Computer Society - https://www.londonmetsu.org.uk/organisation/6320/
* London Metropolitan University Computer Society-BCS Chapter - https://www.londonmetsu.org.uk/organisation/7116/
* London Metropolitan University Life Sciences Society - https://www.londonmetsu.org.uk/organisation/lifesciences/
* London Metropolitan University Chemistry Society - https://www.londonmetsu.org.uk/organisation/6136/
* London Metropolitan University E- Sports Entertainment - https://www.londonmetsu.org.uk/organisation/9269/
* London Metropolitan University Anime Society - https://www.londonmetsu.org.uk/organisation/7357/
* LSE Futuristic Affairs Society - https://www.lsesu.com/organisation/13125/
* LSE Innovation in Space Society - https://www.lsesu.com/organisation/13972/
* LSE Beekeeping Society - https://www.lsesu.com/organisation/8657/
* LSE Speculative Fiction & Table Top Games Society - https://www.lsesu.com/organisation/6768/
* LSE Anime and Manga Society - https://www.lsesu.com/organisation/lsesuanime/
* Middlesex University S.T.E.M. (Science Technology, Engineering and Mathamatics) Society - https://www.mdxsu.com/groups/mdx-s-t-e-m-society
* Middlesex University Natural Sciences Academic Society - https://www.mdxsu.com/groups/natural-sciences-academic-society
* Middlesex University Science Fiction and Fantasy Society - https://www.mdxsu.com/groups/science-fiction-and-fantasy-society-a129
* Middlesex University Anime and Manga Society - https://www.mdxsu.com/groups/anime-and-manga-society
* Queen Mary University Design Engineering Society - https://www.qmsu.org/groups/designsociety/
* Queen Mary University Biochemistry Society - https://www.qmsu.org/groups/18093/
* Queen Mary University Biological Sciences Society - https://www.qmsu.org/groups/biologicalsciences/
* Queen Mary University BioMedics Society - https://www.qmsu.org/groups/biomedicssociety/
* Queen Mary University Business and Enterprise Society - https://www.qmsu.org/groups/qmbes/
* Queen Mary University Chemical Engineering Society - https://www.qmsu.org/groups/chemicalengineering/
* Queen Mary University Anime Society - https://www.qmsu.org/groups/anime/
* UCL Technology Society https://www.ucltechsoc.com/
* University of West London ATAL Society (Alan Turing and Ada Lovelace) Society - https://www.uwlsu.com/organisation/7550/
* University of West London Gaming - https://www.uwlsu.com/organisation/gaming/
* Wembley high technical college - https://www.whtc.co.uk/
* College of north west London (Willesden College Of Technology) - https://www.cnwl.ac.uk/
* Westminster Uni...?
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