Reminder: space organisation day coming up, label & store your projects-in-progress.

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Martin Dittus

Jun 21, 2011, 5:08:21 PM6/21/11
Hello all,

for the upcoming open day at the end of July [1] we'll prepare the space with one of our "space organisation days". We'll use this as a chance to clean up the current mess, reorganise how we store some of our tools and materials, optimise the space layout in the face of recent changes, restock consumables, and throw out things that aren't useful to anyone.

To avoid surprises I remind you to properly store and/or label any items you're keeping in the space. We will be careful not to damage/throw out/misfile anyone's property, but bear in mind that that's a challenging task when organising a hackspace of this size. Protect your project by making it very obvious who it belongs to.

This affects anything that is not stored in a member's box, that is not labelled with a "Do not hack" sticker (which needs to be filled in with date, owner etc) and that is not obviously a part of the space's infrastructure. If just it looks like old junk there's a chance it will land in the three-week box, or (depending on its state) get thrown out during cleanup.

See also: -- especially the rules on Personal Items, Tidiness, and Disposal.

Planning for the space organisation day will begin shortly, I've just set up a wiki page [2] as a starting point. Let me know if you'd like to help coordinate the day.

We won't make changes without group consensus. I invite everyone to start discussing bigger changes on the infrastructure list [3], here are some suggested topics:
- the kitchen(s)
- the wet lab / biohacking and dark room
- the layout of our work benches, and big pile of crap next to them
- the current spatial split of misc electronics tools & components
- labelling of the space (e.g. simple instructions on waste disposal and equipment use)
- storage areas for tools
- making a map of our storage areas

[1] There's no wiki page yet. Anyone want to start one?

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