ClojureScript workshop - building websites with Cljs, Bulma and GitHub pages

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John Stevenson

May 29, 2019, 5:50:02 PM5/29/19
Hello Clojurians,

On Tuesday 4th June we have a beginner friendly guided workshop, walking you through the creation of a website using ClojureScript, a CSS framework called Bulma and deploying the site for free on GitHub Pages.

Sign up at:

Example sites:

The website will be written in ClojureScript (just the same as Clojure, but for the JavaScript platform). We will create functions to represent the different content sections. Hiccup style (Clojure data structures) are used to define the structure of the content and apply styles. is a friendly to use CSS library that provides a range of styles to make our web page look professional. We can also make the web page responsive, so it works just as well across all devices (desktop, tablet, mobile).

We will use figwheel-main to provide instant feedback in the browser of our code changes, to create our projects for us and to create the assets for deploying our web page live.

We will deploy the website for free to and discuss the different approaches to deployment.

## Approximate schedule:
18.00 Doors open
18.30 Building a website simply
19.30 Discussions / wrap-up

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