Event tonight: Spacemacs - a journey into the joy of Evil (Vim style editing)

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John Stevenson

Aug 6, 2019, 7:15:44 AM8/6/19
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Hello Clojurians,
Tonight talk cover vim style editing  using Spacemacs, a community driven configuration for Emacs that makes is a very simple and consistent experience.  Vim style editing is fun and very productive way to develop code (and for any other writing).

Try https://vim-adventures.com/ to practice your Vim skills as a warm-up 

During the event will help you understand how to speak Evil in Spacemacs. We will also uncover powerful tools like iedit, narrowing and helm to help you refactor your code in lots of different ways.To ensure we get a big enough room, please sign up at https://skillsmatter.com/meetups/12521-london-clojurians-august

## Before the session
Please have Spacemacs installed with Evil as the default and preferably helm (there are only a few helm specific things)

See the video on installing Spacemacs

Or follow my install guide at:

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