Clojure and Graal - what do you want to know?

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John Stevenson

Oct 17, 2019, 9:25:46 AM10/17/19
Would you be interested in learning more about Clojure and Graal eg. compiling JVM languages to native images, fast startup time, deploying Clojure on multiple operating systems

GraalVM is a Java VM and JDK based on HotSpot/OpenJDK, implemented in Java. It supports additional programming languages and execution modes, like ahead-of-time compilation of Java applications for fast startup and low memory footprint.

There is an open source community edition with commercial enterprise tools on top.  Oracle sees this as a major investment and is putting development resources behind it.

Projects such as clj-kondo linter use GraalVm to distribute their project and as its used as a command line tool it can use Graal native images to startup faster than the Java JVM. 

One of the developers at Oracle is interested in doing a talk or workshop with the Clojure community in London.  What sort of things would you find interesting?

Bruno Bonacci

Oct 17, 2019, 5:18:28 PM10/17/19
Hi John,

that's very interesting. I've been looking at GraalVM in the past few months for a few command-line tools I've been working on.
I would definitely be interested in hearing more about GraalVM and the escape analysis in general, about the native image generation best practices, and more about how to use the Truffle/SubstrateVM  APIs for language compilation.

Thanks for organising this.


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Ryuei Sasaki

Oct 21, 2019, 6:48:06 AM10/21/19
to London Clojurians
Hi John,

Thanks for letting us know about this!
I've also been trying out GraalVM in the past few weeks and found it really useful especially thanks to its faster startup time for small command line tools. 

I'd like to know more about how http / https works on GraalVM. It was reasonably hard to get it to work with Clojure.
I'd also be interested in any tips on reducing the size of native-image.

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