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Jorge Llambías

Mar 27, 2003, 4:27:41 PM3/27/03
to lojba...@lojban.org

In writing the definitions of logical connectives
in Lojban, I'm using {kanxe} to define {ge} and
{vlina} to define {ga}. There are no equivalents for
{go} and {gu}.

I have defined this lujvo for the biconditional:

rolnonvlina: x1 vlina le kanxe be x2 bei x3 le kanxe
be le natfe be x2 be'o bei le natfe be x3

In English: "x1 states that either x2 and x3 are
both true or neither x2 nor x3 is true".

More directly: "x1 is the all-or-nothing of x2 and

Any better ideas for this place structure?

Any ideas for a lujvo for {gu}? It has to mean
"x1 states that x2 is true whether or not x3 is true".

mu'o mi'e xorxes

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