Lojban sub-grammar for Prolog programs

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Jan 20, 2021, 10:24:46 PMJan 20
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Going back several years, I remember a page on the old Lojban Wiki which
described a subset of the Lojban grammar for expressing programs in the
Prolog programming language. Does anyone know where I can find this

I found https://mw.lojban.org/papri/prolog_for_Lojbanists on the new
Lojban Wiki, which makes a similar proposal, but this new proposal is
more non-specific, and much shorter, than the older one. The older
proposal was much more well-developed and detailed. Would anyone know
where I can find it?

Note that I'm not looking for parsers or semantic analyzers written IN
Prolog; I'm looking for the proposal specifying a subset of the Lojban
language intended to be used to express Prolog programs AS Lojban text.

Any pointers (dereferenced or not) would be much appreciated!


Jan 21, 2021, 4:47:41 AMJan 21
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Jan 24, 2021, 4:35:34 PMJan 24
to loj...@googlegroups.com
"gleki.is...@gmail.com" <gleki.is...@gmail.com> writes:

> https://github.com/YoshikuniJujo/lojysamban ?

Hm. Nope. That contains an interpreter for a Prolog-like subset of
Lojban, but it doesn't contain any specification for the language. It
looks like it contains a bunch of gobble-de-gook in Japanese, but I I
have no idea what that says. The specification I remember seeing was
definitely in English.

The intrepreter for this language (lojysamban) is written in Haskell.
The spec I saw was just a spec, without an interpreter. In addition,
lojysamban does not appear to implement Prolog's "cut" (!) predicate.
The specification which I saw, way back when, had a way to specify cuts
in the code.

So, no, this appears to be a different animal.
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