Announcement of 2022 LLG Member's Meeting

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LLG Secretary

Oct 27, 2022, 5:46:59 PM10/27/22
The following announcement is from Karen Stein.

Hello everyone! 

We apologize for anyone who's been unable to join our meeting. Below is a new link that should work. 


We're trying something different this year for the LLG (Logical Language Group)'s annual Members Meeting. Everyone is welcome to join us. The plan is for anyone interested to consider and discuss the topics on the agenda in a special group on Mattermost and on the various online lojban chats beginning today. 

Anyone may also add topics and proposals to the agenda (see below). When the meeting itself begins the Officers hope we will be able to move through topics more quickly. There will still be some time allocated for further discussion during the meeting. 

Another step to increase the pace of the meeting everyone interested can help by joining the meeting on Mattermost now and announcing your presence. Taking attendance has regularly taken longer than it should. Make sure to also say if you are an LLG Member for our records. Thank you! 



We use Mattermost through Framateam. 

In order to join the discussion at Mattermost you'll need to first sign up, if you haven't already. 

Often entering our team will take you to the signup page, so feel free to try it.  This is also how to join our meetings and discussions once you have an account.


2022 Agenda Discussion
2022 Members Meeting


The interface starts out in French, but once you get inside, you can change the system language to English (or Spanish). Here are a few translations to get you through the sign-up part:

Quelle est votre adresse e-mail ? = What's your email address?
Spécifiez votre nom d'utilisateur = Specify your username.
Spécifiez votre mot de passe = Specify your password.
Créer un compte = Create an account.

(special thanks to Mike S for putting this together)

If you have trouble, please email me at
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