Help with CLLv1.1 needed. Mostly does *NOT* require Lojban skill.

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Robin Lee Powell

Dec 19, 2010, 9:32:10 PM12/19/10

OK, so, I'm working on CLLv1.1. That is: CLL without any content
changes (except errata, but see below about that part), moved to a
format that we can work with easily to generate a book *or* a web

This email will be pretty opaque to you unless you have experience
with XML and VCS systems (particularily git). If you have a burning
desire to help anyways (particularily with the manual labour parts),
please come on IRC and ask for help. Mention rlpowell by name.

The help I need right now is two fold:

1. Look at the source, in particular Chapter 5 sections 1 and 2,
which are completely marked up by hand by me, and tell me if you can
think of anything else that should be done *at the data structure
level*. (You can see the HTML output at
; any comments on visual appearence will make me very cranky, we're
not there yet.) Like, maybe you want another index, or another
glossary, or more structure to the examples, or ..... Basically, if
you can think of any case where in the future we might go "Crap, I
wish we'd done special markup for the frobnitzes", now is the time
to think of it.

2. Loooooots of manual labour; see the "TODO" file for help needed.
It's all, unfortunately, very brain dead, but it really needs to get
done. Please help!

How to do it:

Checkout dag-cll (it's a git repo, at ;
github page is ) and read the TODO and/or
look at the source.

To submit your changes, feel free to send me a patch personally, or
do the github fork/pull request thing; see

A small word of warning:


Seriously. I will come to your house and nom-nom-nom. I'm not
even joking. If you don't have kids, I'll find something else
important and eat that. Like your arms.

OK, I *am* joking, but I will be very upset, and you will be banned
from helping with this project, and probably BPFK stuff in general,
like, forever. Or until I forget.

If you see a content problem, either post to the BPFK list or update


-- : Our last, best hope for a fantastic future.
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is dead" is "ti poi spitaki cu morsi", but "this sentence is false"
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