Request For Help; non-urgent research request to help Lojban.

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Robin Lee Powell

Apr 7, 2010, 1:34:28 AM4/7/10

I am feeling hopeful just now that we'll actually get around to
publishing a dictionary in my lifetime :) , so I'd like to ask for
someone else to do a project I've been thinking about for ages, to
help with the dictionary.

Research needed: peruse other languages' official test documents
(the Japanese JLPT is a good example here) or similar official or
semi-official word lists, and come up with a list, in something like
importance order, of words that a language "should" have. Perhaps
this has already been done; if so, I couldn't find it, but that
would be fantastic.

The goal is to get a list of 5 or 10 thousand words that we can use
to guide dictionary development; a set of words to form a core "if
you know this you can have a normal conversation" set for learning.

We won't likely make direct use of it this year, but we *will* make
use of it, and when we need it, we'll need it very much.


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