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Language Creation Society

Mar 15, 2011, 6:37:50 PM3/15/11
The Language Creation Society (LCS) would like to announce the
creation of a new advisory committee. The advisory committee will be a
group of individuals (conlangers or non-conlangers) who'd like to
provide input to the LCS Board on LCS activities impacting the greater
conlanging community. The charge of the advisory committee would be to
discuss overarching policy decisions, large-scale projects, and the
general direction of the LCS. Day-to-day operations of the society
(e.g. maintenance of the website, adding new blogs to the Conlang Blog
Aggregator, etc.) would be handled by the officers and Board. You
don't need to be an LCS member, or even necessarily an active
conlanger. All you need is an interest in helping to inform the LCS
and help it to better serve the greater conlanging community.

If this sounds like something with which you'd like to be involved,
we'd like to hear from you. If you're interested in joining the
advisory committee, send an e-mail to Let us
know what portion of the community you're from, and what your user
name there is (if applicable). The committee will communicate via a
mailman listserv, so we will need your e-mail address, but other than
that, anyone can participate.

Ideally, we'd like at least one or two lojbanists in the committee. We
want to make sure we serve not just language creators, but also those
who are interested in a particular created language, like Lojban.

If you'd like more detailed information about the advisory committee,
go to

In other LCS news, we have recently changed leadership and added
several new board members:

President: David Peterson (creator of Dothraki)
Treasurer: Sylvia Sotomayor (creator of Kelen)

Secretary: Don Boozer (creator of Dritok)

New Board Members: Alex Fink (co-creator of the Gripping Language),
Doug Ball (creator of Skerre), Richard Littauer (web master of, and John Quijada (creator of Ithkuil)

If you have any questions about the LCS or the new advisory committee,
feel free to e-mail


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