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Dmitry Vyukov

Jan 13, 2020, 4:51:33 AM1/13/20
to Erez Strauss,
On Tue, Nov 5, 2019 at 5:48 AM Erez Strauss <> wrote:
> Hi Dmitry,
> Good morning.
> Thank you for your mpmc queue.
> Recently, I published on github the following MPMC atomic queue.
> It is atomic lockfree queue.
> I'll appreciate your feedback.
> Thank you
> Best wishes,
> Erez

Hi Erez,

+lock-free mailing list, there are lots of knowledgeable people and
some similar discussions/algorithms.

Erez Strauss

Jan 18, 2020, 10:53:38 PM1/18/20
to Dmitry Vyukov,
Hi Dmitry,

Thank you for your reply, I just added the mpmc_queue_pack<> which is a template containing a group of mpmc_queue<>s into a single queue, which gets the mpmc queue to be closer to wait-free.

On the mailing list I hope to get feedback, if there are bugs in the code, and comparison benchmarks of the queue compare to other queues.

In short the mpmc_queue<> is a fast, lockless bounded queue, using double word CAS, can be use between processes.


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