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Want to take your bedroom game to the next level? Here’s a few tips on how to help your partner have amazing orgasms!

DO make sure that you know where a woman’s clitoris is – If you’re not sure, grab a sex positive instructional book and do some research…or, look it up online (hey, that’s what the internet is for!)  As the old adage goes, “If you can’t find something, just ask!” If you can’t find your partner’s clit, get her to show and guide you.

DON’T assume that the G-Spot doesn’t exist – It does! Located inside the vagina, stimulation of the G-spot produces a very powerful kind of female orgasm; and in some women, it even produces female ejaculation, also known as “squirting.” It is located about one to two inches back from the vaginal opening inside the front vaginal wall. The “front” wall is the wall of the vagina on the same side as her belly button.It is the bean-shaped, spongy tissue of the paraurethral gland, which is analogous to the male prostate. The actual area is only about the size of a quarter, but it feels rougher to the touch than the surrounding tissue. Because the G-spot is composed of erectile tissue, it swells up when blood rushes to it — especially if you learn how to master the woman’s G-spot effectively.

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If you’ve never had the pleasure of stimulating a woman’s g-spot (or you aren’t sure), once again here’s a great opportunity to do some research. This article from AskMen provides plenty of tips.  Have fun exploring this pleasure zone together!

DO use your hands and tongue – Although we love your penis, your hands and tongue can do magical things. Don’t think of using your tongue or fingers as a substitute (or as competition) for your penis, but as a accessory. The truth is, a finger can get inside a woman and precisely stimulate specific areas, such as the g-spot. Same goes for the tongue – the feeling of someone giving you oral pleasure is totally different than the sensation that comes from penetration. Don’t be afraid to mix things up and use all three!

DON’T maw on her lady parts like you’re eating a cob of corn – With that said, unless she requests it, do not, I repeat DO NOT use your teeth when giving oral. We do not want you to treat our genitals like a snack from the state fair. You’ve been warned. Want to brush up on your oral skills? Read this post.

DO use your hands while you go down on her – If you want to put her over the edge, try stimulating her G-spot at the same time while you go down on her. Pro tip: always be gentle. Insert one finger to start and make sure you press lightly. If she wants you to go harder, insert more fingers or press more firmly, she’ll let you know – trust us. If you glance up and it looks like there are demons being exorcized from her body, you’re doing it right.

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DO listen to her – Your #1 secret weapon in the bedroom? Your ears. Pay attention to your partner. Listen to how she responds to what you’re doing. Listen to the sounds she’s making. If her noises indicate that what you’re doing is turning her on, keep. doing. whatever. you’re. doing. Her moans of pleasure are NOT a sign that you should completely switch things up and try that weird thing with your thumb that you once saw on a porno. Just keep going! She’ll let you know when she wants you to switch things up.

DON’T try and rush things –  Many women require a lot of foreplay and stimulation before they’re able to have an orgasm. Don’t get discouraged. This is completely normal. Just be patient and let her guide you towards what feels good.

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DO be open to using a small vibrator – Only about 25% of women (or people with vaginas) consistently orgasm from penetrative sex alone. When you add in clitoral stimulation, that number rises considerably. This is why everyone should invest in a small clitoral vibrator. Use it on her (or have her use it on herself) while she rides you, or while you have sex doggy style. There are tons of different ways you can use a vibe during sex – it’s really up to you how creative you get. Trust us, the pay-off in orgasms and pleasure is definitely worth it!

DON’T ask “are you there yet?” or “are we close?” – You’re not in a car and pleasuring your partner shouldn’t be treated like a painstaking road-trip through Vaginaville. Our suggestion? If it seems like nothing you’re doing is working, ask her sexily what she likes.

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1. If you plant premarital sex, you reap extra marital sex as the harvest. Surveys have revealed that people who have indulged in premarital sex are more promiscuous or more susceptible to extra marital sex and affairs while married. Gen.8:22.

2. It opens the door for demonic spirits to wreak havoc in the relationship. Remember, sex is as spiritual as it is physical. 1 Corinthians 6:16.

3. It will turn off God’s supply of favour from reaching you. As Christians we know that God frown at it. The Bible in 1 Corinthians 6:18 says; ‘Flee fornication. Every sin that a man doeth is without the body, but he that commits fornication sins against his own body. What? Know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God and ye are not your own?’

4. Your conscience will be wounded and you will be tormented by the thought of such acts of disobedience. Sexually transmitted diseases are often passed when couples have had multiple sexual partners. Although premarital sex doesn’t necessarily mean the couple have had multiple sexual partners, the chances are greater than if a couple vows to abstain until marriage

5. It blinds you from seeing the flaws and negative attitudes of your partner. You may be constrained to manage the relationship that may lead to a bad marriage because of the temporary pleasure of sex.

6. You lose the respect of your partner and your focus gets blurred. Sex creates a bond between sex partners that can easily be violated if the commitment isn’t strong enough to sustain it. Marriage creates a lifelong commitment and can support the bond a sexual relationship creates. It is very difficult for couples engaged in premarital sex to ensure that their sexual relationship create a lasting bond

7. It erodes the trust you have for each other. As a result suspicion comes up, and there is room for severe jealousy even when nothing is happening.

8. Premarital sex replaces intimacy. This might end up in heartbreak if you lost interest. A married couple could also be more likely to experience problems if one or both partners had been sexually active before marriage. Couples with multiple past sexual partners may find themselves comparing their marital sex life to their premarital sex life, often leading to dissatisfaction.

9. Couples who cohabit or engage in premarital sex before marriage are at greater risk of divorce and report a lower level of dedication to the relationship, which increases the risk of a single-parent household if a child is involved. You open yourself up to shame and regrets if it leads to pregnancy. If you try to cover up by committing abortion, you become guilty of murder that is if you survive it.

10. It will also lead to bad reputation. Usually if adolescents commit premarital sex, this secret would be confined between the couple themselves. Many times this act is hard to be kept as a secret as the man tend to brag amongst their friends thus leading to rumours. The girl’s reputation is at stake as she will be gossiped and judged by her own peers.

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Only a part of the group’s speech was open and if some steps are a big question, yes or no, do we have sex on the first date or not? Well, to tell you that in fact it is a personal opinion of the past, we know that sometimes when we try to date someone for the first time, you feel the feeling of desire for sex or love .

There is no trick, we need to remember and always feel, and in our daily lives. Emotions that get sexual pleasure in a sex dating partner environment, get a happy or sad thing, however, there are always emotional and simple emotions

For adult dating meeting, she feels a sexual attraction that can not be protected but can take action, I think the question will be, “Do you meet some of the sexual desires of adults? When, sexual attraction? ” Whatever option you choose is right for you, call is naturally sexual

The best free online dating sites have their opinions on it, as I did and they did. If you decide to wait for the person who comes on the secondary subject then sex and romance nights have been divided, so will Ho!

If you are the first one on sex on the first date, then I can give you the only advice that you have the experience of being able to see, enjoy and have fun!

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