Current Compile of lnav Crashes

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Dec 12, 2020, 4:00:03 PM12/12/20
to lnav

lnav compiled from today's github zip download crashes on launch and gives:


Unfortunately, lnav has crashed, sorry for the inconvenience.

You can help improve lnav by sending the following file to :


I launched lnav with:

./lnav /tmp/test-files

test-files contained one file, a current copy of /var/log/messages

After seeing issue #792 was closed I downloaded the current lnav zip
from git-hub and compiled like this:

./configure --prefix=/tmp/lnav-test
make -j16
make install

then as root:
mkdir /tmp/test-files
cp /var/log/messages /tmp/test-files/
cd /tmp/lnav-test/bin
./lnav /tmp/test-files

Please see attached log.


Timothy Stack

Dec 12, 2020, 5:27:26 PM12/12/20
to, lnav

Doh, sorry... Unfortunately, I can't seem to reproduce it[0] and the log file
doesn't have symbols with the backtrace.  Would you be able to run
lnav under gdb or attach to it and see if you can get a more meaningful
stacktrace?  Note that you can startup lnav with "-W" to have it pause
early on and wait for a keypress before opening the UI.  That makes it
easier to attach if it's crashing early on.



[0] - I'm testing with a vagrant VM which has a gentoo version of 
       "5.4.80-gentoo-r1", which is different from yours (5.9.14-gentoo-1).
       Otherwise, I think the libraries are all the same.

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