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Pankaj Agarwal

Nov 3, 2015, 3:44:57 PM11/3/15
to lmnd-devel
Hello everyone,

My name is Pankaj and I am quite new to the open source community. I am quite good at math and I am a Computer Science and Engineering student at BITS PILANI,GOA CAMPUS. I am pretty good at C. I would like to make active contributions to the open source projects of lmnd. 

Please help me in getting started.

Thanks everyone,

Waldek Hebisch

Nov 4, 2015, 7:01:04 PM11/4/15
to lmnd-...@googlegroups.com
First, note that core lmonade is about packaging and build
infrastructure. If that intersts you go to


and in particular look at




OTOH you may be more interested in projects packaged by lmonade,
then you should contact specific project. For example, I work
on FriCAS.

So, first you need to decide which specific part (core lmonade or
one of the packaged projects) is of interest to you. Then
fetch choosen part, try to build it and use it. If you have
trouble with that ask specific question. Then think what
you would like to improve -- good starting point is looking
at bug reports and trying to fix reported problem. Or simply
read code trying to understand what it is doing. In the process
you are likely to see thing which look that can be done
differently/better -- try to make changes and look what

One important point: try to ask specific questions. General
questions like "how to contribute to open source project"
we general answers on the web: typing the string above (with
double quotes) int Google search box gives several hits
that look relevant (they are about different languages, but
basics are similar). People here are busy and do not have
time to write again general instructions specifically for you.
When you have specific question then, they are more likely to

Waldek Hebisch
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