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This group is intended for questions and discussion about the use of and design of the lmfit python library for optimization and curve-fitting.  Any topic related to curve-fitting and Python is acceptable.  

If you are posting a question about lmfit not working for you as you would expect, please include in your post: 
  • a minimal and complete example.  Please see https://stackoverflow.com/help/mcve for more details.
  • the fit report from lmfit, if you have one.
  • If an error occurs, include the full traceback.
  • It's OK to post an image of data and fit, but if you are including code or output, this must be in plain text.  Do not post an image of text.  
We expect that users of lmfit are familiar with Python and numpy and are smart people who know how to ask questions in a way that can be answered. If you are asking a question about why something "didn't work" or didn't give results you expect, we expect you to explain what you did, what you expected, and what you got. This usually means posting a minimal example that shows the problem.