getting into the details of lat+long+range-based llup:recipient values

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M. David Peterson

Apr 24, 2007, 7:51:53 AM4/24/07
to llup
via a recent IM conversation with Sylvain, this is to get the
conversation started in regards to the subject. We need to keep
things as simple as possible, and obviously reuse as much as we can
from specs such as GeoRSS. (see: for more detail)

Sylvain, Russ, and I are working through the details as they relate to
the sonicradar implementation we are working on at the moment, and
report back the initial results of what we find to be the most
effective. We can then get the ball rolling in regards to how we then
approach this from the standpoint of the specification.

The conversation thus far,

so the one thing we need to add to Amplee as well as to the blip
message on SQS is an llup:recipient element with the coordinates of
the range in which the content applies geographically
also, in thinking it through, it seems that we need to ensure we add
two ways to pinpoint the recipient of messages
one: via llup:recipient
two: via the category element

That makes sense

this will allow both the ability for the sender to be very specific
with whom the message is sent, as well as allowing the information to
be found via searches for those that might have interest, but are not
explicitly listed as recipients

one thing we need to keep in mind however is that the more we put in a
blip the bigger the message is and the more bandwith it takes. If we
one day hit the millions of blips throughout the system it will be a
lot of bandwith

oh, you don't have to convince me
I do realize this, but we don't want to exclude necessary elements
from the spec due to concerns that it might make them too big, and
instead do our best to minimize the impact we have using pre-existing
elements when possible to simplify conversion, and then let the
implementor decide what they will accept, and what they will not.


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