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MODERATORS - I have fixed the issue with Spam.

Hello!  The LiveCycle ES google Group prides itself in being spam free and the best source of help for all topics around Adobe LiveCycle ES, CQ5 and the newer workflow versions of LiveCycle.  This group is run by a group of volunteer moderators.  

Do not post any jobs here unless they are related to LiveCycle ES and the other technologies noted above.

Several people have tried to spam the group and they are banned.  Tekishub is the latest company to earn the distinction of being deemed unsuitable to be a member of this group and no one with a Tekishub email address is allowed to join as they are a spamming organization.  Do not become like they are and you will be welcomed by your technical LiveCycle ES peers with open arms!

General rules:

- help each other out
- post examples, samples and tutorials
- post code samples
- be polite and courteous
- do not tolerate spam.