[go-nuts] liteide x33 released!

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Nov 2, 2017, 10:34:18 AM11/2/17
to golang-nuts, Golang-China, liteide-dev
Hi, all. liteide x33 released!

This version optimizes the editor function, reads the file support codec automatically detects, reloads the file using diff way to optimize, re-implements the Mark API and adds new Bookmarks plugin. Go classview and outline adds TodoList display. Fixes GolangEdit FindUsages of occasional invalid error. The code query guru (backup using built-in oracle) add implements action scope for GOPATH . Debugging and find plug-ins are also enhanced . etc.

### 2017.11.2 Ver X33
* LiteIDE
* optimization editor plugin, load file check codec, reload file by diff
* add astview TodoList
* add new bookmarks plugin
* fix liteapp clean plugin order
* LiteApp
* filemanager auto reload file default YesToAll
* fix liteapp clean plugins reverse order
* fix #832, sidebar change action by combox
* fix folder sync editor same prefix error 
* LiteEditor
* reload file use diff to keep state and mark
* load file check is binary and report
* load file check codec use libucd if utf8 decode failed.
* load file check decode error and report 
* load file is readonly set editor widget readonly
* load and save file support utf8 bom
* add codec and lineend info on statusbar
* add copied text into the clipboard as HTML option
* add Solarized Dark color theme, thanks xgdgsc
* reimplemented editor mark api
* fix copy to clipboard tab escape
* GolangAst
* add TodoList for classview and outline
* fix #848, astwidget double clicked index check.
* GolangCode
* update pkglist to go1.9
* GolangEdit
* add stop source query action
* add source query action implement_GOPATH for GOPATH scope
* fix golang lexer parser folding end
* fix GolangHighlighter fold indent error set
* fix findUsage wordUnderCursor offset
* fix find usages findStart signal late
* GolangFmt
* load diff check modify current block text
* GolangCode
* fix update gopath process stop and wait
* LiteDebug
* fix cmd to native separator
* build target add -a build flag
* change debug targget name to target.debug (custom by LiteBuild)
* LiteBuild
* add custom debug name in build config
* LiteFind
* fix memory leak by GolangEdit GolangFileSearch
* fix findInFiles berore saveAllEditor
* fix FindEditor replace all
* Bookmarks
* new plugin for show open editors bookmarks and jump
* gotools
* update stdlib for go1.9.1
* astview add TodoList support

Santiago Corredoira

Nov 30, 2017, 11:15:43 AM11/30/17
to liteide-dev
The bookmarks plugin is excellent. Very useful. Thank you!
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