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Apr 23, 2018, 2:27:56 AM4/23/18
to golang-nuts, Golang-China, liteide-dev
Hi all.
LiteIDE x33.3 released!
This version support import line jump to package source file, support import hints for all package (GOPATH / vendor) on code completer.
Refactor debug, move golang Debug/DebugTest to build menu, fix build debug gcflags for selected go version, and better support go1.10..

### 2018.04.23 Ver X33.3
* LiteIDE
 * support import jump to package source file
 * support import hints for all package on code completer
 * add build & debug action to build menu
 * fix build debug gcflags for go version
* LiteApp
 * fix tab style sheet for Qt5.9 on macOS
 * project wizard add gocmdex/gopkgex for anywhere
* LiteBuild
 * build config file add debug support
 * golang build add debug/debugtest action
 * fix golang build debug gcflags depends for go version
* LiteDebug
 * filesystem add debug file action
 * remove internal golang build function
* LiteEditor
 * reimplemented backspace quotes audo insert/remove action
* GolangCode
 * parser import package for GOPATH 
 * fix vendor import for code completer
 * add import hints for all package option (default)
 * add parser cgo completer list on editor
* GolangEdit
 * fix import line navigate show link source
 * add import line jump to package file list
* QuickOpen
 * add quickopenfolder implement
* gotools
 * add new debugflag action for print debug gcflags for go version
 * types find import dir check vendor
 * types add import info and doc
 * fix astview pkg nil check
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