[go-nuts] liteide x34 released

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Jul 25, 2018, 10:52:11 AM7/25/18
to golang-nuts, Golang-China, liteide-dev
Hi all.
LiteIDE x34 released!
This version support go1.11beta2 Go modules.
 Update gotools & gocode support go1.11 modules.

* LiteIDE Home
* LiteIDE Source code
* Release downloads

### 2018.07.26 Ver X34
* LiteIDE
	* update gotools support go1.11 modules
	* update gocode for https://github.com/visualfc/gocode support go1.11 modules
* LiteApp
	* refactor folder model code, remove depends
	* fix dock widget for Qt5.9.6 bug
	* move view godoc from folderview to litebuild
* LiteBuild
	* update BUILDARGS, remove -i for go1.11 build
* GolangCode
	* change to github.com/visualfc/gocode for support go1.11 modules
* GolangDoc
	* pdoc support real ImportPath display for Go modules or vendor
	* fix docs.html $.GoogleCN code
* GolangEdit
	* support go1.11 modules, view info / jump / find usages
	* support parser import path for Go modules or vendor for godoc view
* GolangPackage
	* add pkg/mod tree for Go modules
* QuickOpen
	* fix view pos for editor manager
	* support open file with fullpath on editor input
* DlvDebugger
	* fix continue
* gotools
	* types support go1.11 modules
	* add pkgcheck support modules or vendor check
* gocode
	* clone https://github.com/nsf/gocode support go1.11 modules


Jul 26, 2018, 10:02:03 PM7/26/18
to golang-nuts, Golang-China, liteide-dev
LiteIDE X34 Gocode autocompleter
Options -> GolangCode -> "Auto update depends package when it's source changed" set check.
发件人: visualfc
发送时间: 2018-07-25 22:54:18
主题: [go-nuts] liteide x34 released
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