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Jun 10, 2014, 2:20:24 AM6/10/14
I have the paid application.  I have problems with the storage of episodes:

When I reach the download limit, no more episodes will be downloaded.  
* I start deleting the old episodes, however sometimes the app starts downloading the listened episodes that were deleted, rather than new ones. 
* When you clear the cache again the same thing, some of the listened episodes will appear for some subscriptions
* Overall, storage management is difficult to handle
* There is no easy way to see how many episodes are currently occupying space
* There is no overwrite of old episodes
* There is no per subscription of download limit with overwrite

Some improvements will be nice in this area.

Patrick Julien

Jun 10, 2014, 5:43:27 AM6/10/14
The application will try to download everything found on your queue. Is that not what you're seeing? If old episodes are being downloaded I would think it's for the same reason.

Can you describe how you use the app so I can understand what is going on?

Patrick Julien

Jun 11, 2014, 2:37:11 PM6/11/14
Not without more details no, i have no idea.  Is your device showing other signs of abnormal behavior?

Jul 7, 2014, 3:57:10 AM7/7/14
Hi Patrick,

I would like to start over, because I realize the original message was not explaining well.

I have set the number of episodes to chache to 20.  App starts to download episodes, meanwhile old episodes are marked read and removed from the queue as I listen to them.  When the download limit is reached (i.e. 20) no more episodes will be download.  New episodes will just appear in the queue without downloading the audio.  The way this needs to be handled, as I understand, is that one needs to manually "Remove Download" from each episode, which is very difficult if you have a lot of subscriptions.  Or one would need to "Clear Cache" which will remove all the downloads, in which case everything will be gone.  I believe the following features would be very helpful:

* Automatically erase listened to episodes.  - so we won't have to worry about manually removing downloads one by one
* Keep How Many - A limit of how many episodes to keep per subscription.  Anything above that would be automatically erased.

11 Haziran 2014 Çarşamba 21:37:11 UTC+3 tarihinde Patrick Julien yazdı:

Patrick Julien

Jul 7, 2014, 11:29:12 AM7/7/14
For the queue, if you listen to the episodes, they will be removed
from the queue and eventually from disk. It sounds like you're not
finishing the episodes till the very end or not listening to them. If
an episode is still in the queue, it's assumed you're going to want to
listen to it eventually. If you don't, just remove it from the queue,
or listen to it.

* Automatically erase listened to episodes. - so we won't have to
worry about manually removing downloads one by one

This will happen automatically if your episodes aren't found on the queue.

* Keep How Many - A limit of how many episodes to keep per
subscription. Anything above that would be automatically erased.

The app has a global limit. Again, just tidy up your queue.

There is no need for any manual intervention, the features you're
explaining exist already, i believe you're just using the pins or
queue incorrectly, please see this link

to understand what the pins mean. My suggestion is not to use the
pins. In your case, it will do exactly what you want if you don't
mess with it.
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