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Harvey Stein

Apr 12, 2015, 1:47:07 PM4/12/15
How are the packages in common-lisp-statistics intended to be used?  I can mess with it by just doing:

   (in-package :cls-user)

What about if I want to write my own package that uses common-lisp-statistics?  If I merely try something like:

   (defpackage :my-cls-package
      (:use :cl :cls))

then I get loads of symbol conflict messages because :cls is intended to shadow many functions from :cl.

Is there a package like :cls-user that I can :use that handles all of the shadowing, but won't get polluted by random playing around like :cls-user will get?  Or do I really need to mimic the definition of :cls-user in my package?  If the latter, how do I make that portable between versions, in that the list of symbols to shadow can change over time.


A.J. Rossini

Apr 12, 2015, 1:51:53 PM4/12/15
to lisp-stat

Hi Harvey -

In middle of a personal problem that is occupying more time than it should, but there should be an example in the examples for what you should be doing.  Basically use the cls-user package defn as a templates and add/remove what you need.

Apologies for running late on the response.

Are you using git or quicklisp?

If git, drop all code into examples directory and tell me where to pull your changes from.

If quick lisp, then as you did, mailing files is fine and I will try to squeeze time in tomorrow.  Not sure , it will be the first day back at work in 2 weeks...


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A.J. Rossini

Apr 12, 2015, 1:53:04 PM4/12/15
to lisp-stat

And for portability, I probably should macro it.  Bit even then it could be an issue.  Not sure how we can keep this pre-alpha code base at a production level, but we could try....

Harvey Stein

Apr 12, 2015, 11:42:33 PM4/12/15
No problem.

I looked at the examples as well as the definition of :cls-user.  010-loadingData.lisp defines :cls-examples, but it uses a half dozen packages & then has to set up shadowing for dozens of symbols.  The same goes for the definition of :common-lisp-user.  I wanted to avoid having to reproduce such a long list at the top of my packages, not to mention reproducing the list of symbols in multiple files.
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