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KIM Taegyoon

Apr 9, 2018, 9:19:48 PM4/9/18
to Lisp을 좋아하는 사람들의 그룹(한국 리스퍼)

A lightweight embeddable Scheme-like interpreter for configuration

Schemy is a lightweight Scheme-like scripting language interpreter for embedded use in .NET applications. It's built from scratch without any external dependency. Its primary goal is to serve as a highly flexible configuration language. Example scenarios are to describe computational graph, workflow, or to represent some complex configuration.

Its design goals are:

  • easy to embed and extend in .NET
  • extensible in Scheme via macro expansion
  • safe without the need of complicated AppDomain sandboxing. It's safe because IO functions are not exposed by default
  • runs reasonably fast and low memory footprint


  • be highly optimized - it's designed to load configurations and not part of any heavy computation, so being optimized is not the goal - e.g., there's no JIT compiling, etc.

Schemy's implementation is inspired by Peter Norvig's article on Lisp interpreter, but is heavily adapted to .NET and engineered to be easily extensible and embeddable in .NET applications.

마이크로소프트에서 C#으로 구현한 임베딩용 Scheme 같은 인터프리터입니다. 구현이 이해하기 쉽게 되어 있네요.

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