LFE interoperability with Elixir (and mainly Phoenix) and LFE web development

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Sasha Fonseca

Dec 22, 2016, 1:32:58 PM12/22/16
to Lisp Flavoured Erlang
Hello LFE Group, I've been looking at some options for building web apps in LFE. I've seen some repos on GitHub about using LFE with Yaws and from what I understood LFE should work seamlessly with it. There's also dragon, but it looks like it's nowhere near stable status. Yaws looks good, but it's a Web server and not a framework.

I've seen that LFETool has an option to automatically create a LFE + Yaws Web app template. So I guess Yaws is the better supported Web server in LFE?

In the Erlang world there are quite a few web frameworks like Chicago Boss, Zotonic, Nitrogen and a few others. However, the framework that's under the limelight in the BEAM ecosystem right now is Phoenix for Elixir. It has by far the most contributors and commits to its codebase than any of the Erlang frameworks, and right now has the largest community by a huge margin and is under very active development. There are some bigger companies using it (e.g., Bleacher Report, Discord and today a new NBA app completely built in Elixir/Phoenix was announced).

It also uses Cowboy, instead of Yaws, as its Web server which W3techs says it is more popular, although that's not very important to me since their performance should be pretty similar.

Due to these reasons I'd like to know how's LFE interoperability with Elixir and if it would be possible (in a easy manner) to use Phoenix with LFE? Will it boil down to generating Elixir code from LFE? Or can a more direct approach be used?

Eric Bailey

Dec 23, 2016, 3:54:27 PM12/23/16
to lisp-flavo...@googlegroups.com
Quick answers:

- LFETool is deprecated and its successor is not yet ready
- There should be an updated yaws example in the lfex org
- I like and help maintain https://github.com/elli-lib/elli
- While LFE plays nice with Erlang and Elixir interop, Elixir macros are messy. I don't have experience writing Phoenix apps in LFE, but I imagine it'd be difficult, but maybe possible 


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