LFE Docker images updated (Erlang 22.3, 23.0)

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Duncan McGreggor

Jul 9, 2020, 3:35:13 PM7/9/20
to Lisp Flavoured Erlang
Hey all,

Just wanted to let you know that the LFE Docker images have been updated and pushed to Docker Hub:

lfex/lfe:latest points to 1.3-23.0-alpine, which compressed weighs in at a cool 49 MB. These images are based off of the lfex/lfe bleeding-edge branch which contains several community-contributed fixes and the latest development work from Robert (which, in combination, haven't been released yet).

For newcomers: to jump into an LFE REPL, you don't need anything other than docker installed on your system:

$ docker run -it lfex/lfe:latest

Currently supported images (LFE v1.3-devel + various Erlang releases) with their uncompressed sizes:

lfex/lfe:1.3-23.0-alpine     75.3MB
lfex/lfe:1.3-22.3-alpine     75.5MB
lfex/lfe:1.3-21.3-alpine     80.8MB
lfex/lfe:1.3-20.3-alpine     84.7MB
lfex/lfe:1.3-23.0-slim       266MB
lfex/lfe:1.3-22.3-slim       264MB
lfex/lfe:1.3-21.3-slim       258MB
lfex/lfe:1.3-20.3-slim       266MB
lfex/lfe:1.3-19.3-slim       523MB
lfex/lfe:1.3-18.3-slim       277MB
lfex/lfe:1.3-23.0-standard   1.23GB
lfex/lfe:1.3-22.3-standard   1.22GB
lfex/lfe:1.3-21.3-standard   1.07GB
lfex/lfe:1.3-20.3-standard   1.08GB
lfex/lfe:1.3-19.3-standard   1.1GB
lfex/lfe:1.3-18.3-standard   1.1GB
lfex/lfe:1.3-17.5-standard   753MB
lfex/lfe:latest              80.2MB

These images have not been extensively tested, so if you find any bugs, please report them!
The one test that I did run on all of the images was the following expression sent to the ENTRYPOINT via docker run lfex/lfe:VERSION -eval ...:

          (lists:foldl #'*/2 1 '(1 2 3 4)))))))

Enjoy :-D


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