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Annie Didier

May 28, 2019, 11:30:41 PM5/28/19
to lire-dev
I have image feature vectors created from a deep learning model that I would like to index and do similarity searches on with my own metric (some basic modifications of cosine similarity). The vectors are created in python, so I do not want to reimplement them in JAVA, just read them in from file. I've seen a few posts asking which classes need to be modified to add a new image feature, but haven't seen a response that lists all the classes that need to be modified. It looks like I need to create my own class for it in lire/features/global, and add it to the listOfFeatures in ParallelSolrIndexer, but I'm not clear on what changes I may need to make to the request handlers or searchers. Can you please provide some guidance on which classes need to be modified to add a new type of image feature vector and metric? Thank you so much.  
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