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Marcelo Tosatti

Jan 19, 2005, 9:50:23 AM1/19/05

- 2.4.29-rc4 was released as 2.4.29 with no changes.

Summary of changes from v2.4.29-rc3 to v2.4.29-rc4

Marcelo Tosatti:
o Cset exclude:|ChangeSet|20041218011100|24870
o Changed VERSION to 2.4.29-rc4
o Update i386 defconfig

Summary of changes from v2.4.29-rc2 to v2.4.29-rc3

o [NEIGH]: Calculate hash_val after possible table growth, not before

o Fix net neighbour hash bug

David S. Miller:
o [TG3]: Return 0 when PHY read times out, not all-ones
o [TG3]: Fix signedness issues in PHY read/write loops
o [TG3]: Update driver version and reldate
o [INET_ECN]: Add INET_ECN_* enumeration from 2.6.x

Hideaki Yoshifuji:
o [IPV6]: Fix tunnel list locking in sit.c

Jamal Hadi Salim:
o [NET]: Add ETH_P_MPLS_* and ARPHRD_INFINIBAND defines from 2.6.x

Marcelo Tosatti:
o Adrian/Arjan/Marcelo: change tty_wakeup/tty_ldisc_flush to non-GPL export for compat reasons and change requirement to modutils 2.4.10
o Changed VERSION to 2.4.29-rc3

Olaf Kirch:
o [NET]: Fix CMSG32_OK macros

Patrick McHardy:
o [NETFILTER]: Associate locally generated ICMP errors with conntrack of original packet
o [NETFILTER]: Remove CONFIG_IP_NF_NAT_LOCAL config option
o [NETFILTER]: Save a level of indentation in icmp_reply_translation
o [NETFILTER]: Apply PRE_ROUTING manips in LOCAL_OUT for locally generated icmp errors
o [NETFILTER]: Verify NAT manips have been applied before reversing them in icmp_reply_translation
o [NETFILTER]: Release dst_entry in PRE_ROUTING after NAT
o [NETFILTER]: Fix stack leakage in iptables/ip6_tables

Phil Oester:
o [NETFILTER]: revert MASQUERADE optimization for mostly static IPs

Sridhar Samudrala:
o [SCTP] Fix potential null pointer dereference in sctp_err_lookup()
o [SCTP] Code cleanup: remove unused code and make needlessly global code static
o [SCTP] Treat ICMP protocol unreachable errors from non-SCTP capable hosts as ABORTs.
o [SCTP] Validate and respond to invalid chunk/parameter lengths
o [SCTP] Implementation of SCTP Implementer's Guide Section 2.35
o [SCTP] Clean up the T3_rtx timer when deleting a transport
o [SCTP] Fix bug in setting ephemeral port in the bind address
o [SCTP] Fix misc. issues in SCTP_PEER_ADDR_PARAMS set socket option
o [SCTP] Remove sk_xxx macros to be consistent with the rest of networking code and to avoid backporting issues.
o [SCTP] Fix sctp_getladdrs() to return valid local addresses on an endpoint that is bound to INADDR_ANY or inaddr6_any.

Thomas Graf:
o [PKT_SCHED]: dsmark should ignore ECN bits

Wensong Zhang:
o [IPVS]: change to run master/backup sync daemon at a time

Yasuyuki Kozakai:
o [NETFILTER]: Backport fixes for ip6t_LOG
o [NETFILTER]: Backport fixes for ip6t_dst
o [NETFILTER]: Fix check for ESP header size in ip6t_esp
o [NETFILTER]: Backport fixes for ip6t_eui64
o [NETFILTER]: Backport fixes for ip6t_frag
o [NETFILTER]: Backport fixes for ip6t_hbh
o [NETFILTER]: Backport fixes for ip6t_ipv6header
o [NETFILTER]: Backport fixes for ip6t_multiport
o [NETFILTER]: Backport fixes for ip6t_rt
o [NETFILTER]: Backport fixes for ip6tables

Summary of changes from v2.4.29-rc1 to v2.4.29-rc2

Christoph Hellwig:
o [XFS] make sure to always reclaim inodes in xfs_finish_reclaim
o [XFS] Fix NFS inode data corruption
o [XFS] Disable variable sized transfers on loop devices
o [XFS] Fix compilations for parisc

Geert Uytterhoeven:
o Kill unused variables in the tty code
o Kill unused variables in the net code

Jan Harkes:
o Fix Coda bugs found by Coverity checker

Marcelo Tosatti:
o Update Dave Jones email address in MAINTAINERS file
o Linus Torvalds: Warn if mmap_sem is not locked in do_brk
o Change do_uselib() fix to match v2.6, rip do_brk_locked()
o Brad Spengler: Fix random poolsize sysctl (from 2.6.10-ac)
o Alan Cox: Fix moxa serial bound checking issue (from 2.6.10-ac)
o Brad Spengler: Fix RLIMIT_MEMLOCK issue
o get_user_pages: Change BUG_ON to WARN_ON
o Alan Cox: rose_rt_ioctl lack of bounds checking, reported by Coverity (from 2.6.10-ac)
o Alan Cox: sdla_xfer lack of bounds checking, reported by Coverity (from 2.6.10-ac)
o Makefile
o Revert dubious get_user_pages() bug checking
o Olaf Kirch: sendmsg compat wrapper fixes
o Cset exclude: mar...@logos.cnet|ChangeSet|20050110190211|08215
o Fix expand_stack() SMP race
o Add missing Documentation/tty.txt from tty/ldisc locking updates
o Completly remove old do_brk() fix
o Linus Torvalds: Create helper for mmap_sem write-lock check in do_brk()
o Fix mmap.c typo

Mikael Pettersson:
o sungem UniNorth 2 GMAC support

Nathan Scott:
o [XFS] Add sanity checks before use of attr_multi opcount parameter

Pete Zaitcev:
o EHCI race fix

Summary of changes from v2.4.29-pre3 to v2.4.29-rc1

o drivers/net/appletalk/ depends on CONFIG_ATALK

o [libata] use PIO mode for request sense
o [libata] PIO error handling improvement
o [libata] verify ATAPI DMA for a given request is OK

o 8139cp: support for TTTech MC322

o SATA support for Intel ICH7

o 32 bit ltrace oops when tracing 64 bit executable [X86_64]

o Computone driver update

o 8390 Tx fix for non i386

o [libata] add #include (fixes 2.4 alpha build)

Don Fry:
o pcnet32: added pci_disable_device

Ganesh Venkatesan:
o e1000: ITR does not default correctly on 2.4.x kernels
o e1000: Fix for kernel panic when the interface is brought down while the NAPI enabled driver is under stress
o e1000: Fix ethtool diagnostics -- specifically for blade server implementations
o e1000: Enabling NETIF_F_SG without checksum offload is illegal
o e1000: remove a redundant assignment to a local nr_frags in e1000_xmit_frame
o e1000: Synchronizing multicast table setup with transmit path -
o e1000: fix tx resource cleanup logic
o e1000: {set, get}_wol is now symmetric for 82545EM adapters
o e1000: Sparse cleanup -
o e1000: Added workaround to prevent inadvertent gigabit waveform to be sent out on the wire due to init-time operations on the IGP phy.
o e1000: Applied eeprom fix where it was possible to read/write
o e1000: Applied smart speed fix where the code was forcing smart speed on all the time. Now it will honor the setting defined in the eeprom.
o e1000: Driver version number, white spaces, comments, device id & other changes
o e1000: Documentation/networking/e1000.txt update

Ian Kent:
o autofs4 add missing compat ioctls

Jean Delvare:
o I2C: Cleanup a couple media/video drivers

Jeff Garzik:
o [libata sata_nv] fix dev detect by removing sata-reset flag
o [libata sata_uli] add 5281 support, fix SATA phy setup for others

Marcelo Tosatti:
o Changed VERSION to 2.4.29-rc1
o Paul Starzetz: sys_uselib() race vulnerability (CAN-2004-1235)

Margit Schubert-While:
o prism54 sync with 2.6
o prism54 fix resume processing
o prism54 sparse fixes

Paul Mackerras:
o PPC64 signal code cleanup

Pete Zaitcev:
o USB: Add user defined IDs to ftdi

Ralf Bächle:
o MIPS network drivers
o NE2000 on Toshiba RBTX4927 fixes

Solar Designer:
o Check for zero program header on load_elf_interp()

Summary of changes from v2.4.29-pre2 to v2.4.29-pre3

o Remove msleep() definitions from sx8.c and forcedeth.c: it is generic now

Andi Kleen:
o x86_64: fix signal restart bug
o [CAN-2004-1144] Fix int 0x80 hole in 2.4 x86-64 linux kernels

Andries E. Brouwer:
o do not use CONFIG_BLK_STATS

Chris Wright:
o a.out: error check on set_brk
o Backport of 2.6 fix to insert_vm_struct to make it return an error rather than BUG()

David S. Miller:
o [SPARC]: Adjust 32-bit ELF_ET_DYN_BASE

Geert Uytterhoeven:
o m68k: fix incorrect config comment in check_bugs()

H. J. Lu:
o backport v2.6: Fix pty race condition

Ian Abbott:
o serial closing_wait and close_delay used from wrong data structure

Marcelo Tosatti:
o Solar Designer: Fix do_follow_link() comment
o Jason Baron: Backport v2.6 tty/ldisc locking fixes
o Move msleep() from libata-compat.h to generic headers
o Cset exclude:|ChangeSet|20041218001750|00972
o Changed EXTRAVERSION to -pre3
o Cset exclude:|ChangeSet|20040521160141|29598
o Fix NFS hang on unlink problems: cset exclude:|ChangeSet|20041110174036|20706

Simon Horman:
o binfmt_elf force_sig arguments fix

Solar Designer:
o Fix booting off USB CD-ROMs (do_mounts.c)
o binfmt_elf fix return error codes and early corrupt binary detection
o procfs enhanced error reporting
o sysctl: block bogus argument earlier
o stronger (paranoic) mremap argument checking

Stephen Hemminger:
o [TCP]: Missing newline character in printk
o [PKT_SCHED]: netem: restart device after inserting packets

Thomas Graf:
o [PKT_SCHED]: Fix double locking in tcindex destroy path

Summary of changes from v2.4.29-pre1 to v2.4.29-pre2

o Correct /dev/mptctl major number in

o [SPARC64]: Add SMB_IOC_GETMOUNTUID32 to compat ioctl table

o VM documentation fix: vm_anon_lru default is 0

Adrian Bunk:
o remove bouncing email address of Deanna Bonds
o add missing SCSI_SATA_AHCI entry
o Update email address of Philip Blundell
o update email address of Andrea Arcangeli

Cal Peake:
o remove obsolete PIIX config help

Chris Wright:
o proc_tty.c warning fix
o [IPV4/IPV6]: IGMP source filter fixes

Christoph Hellwig:
o [XFS] handle nfs requesting ino 0 gracefully
o [XFS] fix handling of bad inodes
o [XFS] remove useless S_ISREG check in ->mmap and ->mprotect
o [XFS] split pagebuf_get, use get/read_flags correctly
o [XFS] Fix declaration of _pagebuf_find to not be static
o [XFS] handle inode creation race
o [XFS] call the right function in pagebuf_readahead

David Brownell:
o usb gadget updates: core
o usb gadget updates: ether/rndis
o usb gadget updates: Minor update to handle more hardware

David S. Miller:
o [SPARC64]: Update defconfig
o [SPARC64]: Fix SMP cpu bringup bug when bigkernel
o [IPV4]: Do not leak IP options
o [NET]: CMSG compat code needs signedness fixes too

Dean Roehrich:
o [XFS] Need to vn_revalidate after dm_set_fileattr
o [XFS] update a copyright notice

Douglas Gilbert:
o off-by-1 libata-scsi INQUIRY VPD pages 0x80 and 0x83

Eric Sandeen:
o [XFS] Wait for all async buffers to complete before tearing down the filesystem at umount time

Geoffrey Wehrman:
o [XFS] Add xfs_rotorstep sysctl for controlling placement of extents for new files by the inode32 allocator.

Herbert Xu:
o [NET]: Fix CMSG validation checks wrt. signedness

Ingo Molnar:
o floppy boot-time detection fix

Jakub Bogusz:
o don't recursively crash in die() on CHRP/PReP machines

Jeff Garzik:
o [libata docs] add chapter on libata driver API
o [libata] only DMA map data for DMA commands (fix >=4GB bug)

Jon Krueger:
o [XFS] Allow the option of skipping quotacheck processing

Len Brown:
o [ACPI] acpi=off must disable acpi_early_init()

Luca Tettamanti:
o radeonfb: don't try to ioreamp the entire VRAM
o Add new PCI id to radeonfb

Marcelo Tosatti:
o Cset exclude:|ChangeSet|20041125151649|65331
o backport v2.6 fork/thread file descriptor race fix
o p8022 unregister packet type on unload
o Make sure VC resizing fits in s16
o psnap correctly unregister on module exit
o Changed EXTRAVERSION to -pre2

Nathan Scott:
o [XFS] Fix incorrect use of do_div on realtime device growfs code path
o [XFS] Fix some locking oddities in extended attributes code (ilock excl vs shared).
o [XFS] Convert to list_for_each_entry_safe form in reclaim list walk
o [XFS] Ensure bytes read statistic is not updated when the generic routines fail.
o [XFS] Add nosymlinks inode flag for the security folks, reserve projinherit flag.
o [XFS] Update XFS quota header - add macros, use standard gpl template
o [XFS] Make xfssyncd more generic, hand off out-of-space flushing to it; fixes two deadlocks when near-full and fixes a 4KSTACKS problem in XFS.
o [XFS] Remove crufty old cap/mac code - never used, never compiled, gone
o [XFS] Fix merge botch affecting xfs_setattr for realtime files
o [XFS] Simplify page probe/submit code so buffers bayond eof not dirtied/written.
o [XFS] Remove unused function prototypes

Randy Dunlap:
o Fix unresolved symbol on x86-64: export swiotlb

Solar Designer:
o [TCP]: Missing KERN_* in input path printks

Stephen Hemminger:
o [UDP]: Select handling of bad checksums

Timothy Shimmin:
o [XFS] xfs reservation issues with xlog_sync roundoff

Wensong Zhang:
o [IPVS] add a sysctl variable to expire quiescent template

Summary of changes from v2.4.28 to v2.4.29-pre1

o via82cxxx audio procfs code selection fix

o dl2k: correct author's email

o [VLAN]: change_mtu should return 0 on success

o [DECNET]: dn_neigh.c needs linux/module.h
o [ATM]: Force -n option in gzip invocation
o Tigran Aivazian: backport sigmatch() issue in microcode.c

o Mike Jagdis CREDITS email address change

o vga16fb: Fix frame buffer bad memory mapping

Adrian Bunk:
o remove outdated Stallion contact information

Andrea Arcangeli:
o Lazily add anonymous pages to LRU

Andries E. Brouwer:
o backport v2.6 largefile isofs fix

Barry K. Nathan:
o Fix ELF exec with huge bss
o binfmt_elf.c fix for 32-bit apps with large bss

Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz:
o [libata] arbitrary size ATAPI PIO support
o arbitrary size ATAPI PIO support bugfixes
o make ATAPI PIO work
o libata PIO bugfix

Chris Wright:
o /proc/tty/driver/serial reveals the exact number of characters used in serial links (CAN-2003-0461)

Christoph Hellwig:
o fix sata_svw compile

Dave Kleikamp:
o JFS: Fix extent overflow bugs
o JFS: avoid assert in lbmfree
o JFS: Fix endian errors
o JFS: fix race in jfs_commit_inode

David S. Miller:
o [TCP]: Receive buffer moderation fixes
o [NETLINK]: sed 's/->sk_/->//' in af_netlink.c

Ganesh Venkatesan:
o e1000: Update Documentation/networking/e1000.txt
o e1000: fix set_pauseparam for fiber serdes link
o e1000: remove unused function e1000_enable_mng_pass_thru
o e1000: fix set ringparam for ethtool returning error
o e1000: driver version update
o e1000: white space corrections
o e100: Update to
o e1000: Update to

Herbert Xu:
o [NETLINK]: Backport pid hashing changes from 2.6
o [NETLINK]: Invoke netlink_proto_init() correctly in non-modular case

Jan Kara:
o Configurable quota messages

Jean Delvare:
o I2C updates for 2.4.28 (1/5)
o I2C updates: i2c proc parser fix
o I2C updates: hardcoded buffer size should depend on define
o I2C updates: lack trailing newline in logs
o I2C updates: get rid of unused code

Jeff Garzik:
o [netdrvr dl2k] new TX scheme, fix minor bug
o [netdrvr dl2k] remove unused constant 'CFI'
o [libata] add AHCI driver
o [libata] fix minor 2.6 backport problems
o [libata] return ENOTTY rather than EOPNOTSUPP for unknown-ioctl
o [libata] use kunmap_atomic() correctly
o [libata] cosmetic: make syncing with 2.6 easier
o [libata] add ssleep() function
o [libata ahci] bump version to 1.00
o Add nth_page() helper
o Resync linux/ata.h with 2.6.x
o Remove silly comment from linux/ata.h
o [libata] remove dependence on PCI (2.4 stub version)
o [libata] bump versions, add MODULE_VERSION() tags
o [libata] fix DocBook bugs
o [libata ahci] minor fixes

Jeremy Higdon:
o per-port LED control for sata_vsc

John W. Linville:
o 3c59x: resync with 2.6

Len Brown:
o [ACPI] BIOS workaround allowing devices to use reserved IO ports Author: David Shaohua Li

Manfred Spraul:
o Backport of the 0.30 forcedeth driver to 2.4. It's a new backport, starting from the 2.6 tree.

Marcelo Tosatti:
o O.Sezer: cpqphp_pci.c size warning fix
o Cset exclude:|ChangeSet|20041122173550|59288
o Marc-Christian Petersen: VM documentation update
o Ignore vma's with PageReserved pages at get_user_pages()
o Andrea: get_user_pages handle ZERO_PAGE PG_reserved page, BUG otherwise
o Changed EXTRAVERSION to -pre1
o fix get_user_pages() change typo

Mark Lord:
o Export ata_scsi_simulate() for use by non-libata drivers

Matthijs Melchior:
o [libata ahci] fix rather serious (and/or embarassing) bugs

Meelis Roos:
o ata.h undefined types in USB

Mikael Pettersson:
o gcc34 fastcall mismatch fixes for rwsem-spinlock

Mike Kravetz:
o Task name handling static copy v2.6 backport

Nishanth Aravamudan:
o scsi/ahci: replace schedule_timeout() with msleep()/ssleep()

Pete Zaitcev:
o USB: fix ohci_complete_add
o USB: ohci fix by Jes&Pete for Jessie

Ralf Bächle:
o MIPS update
o MIPS: sound drivers for AMD Alchemy platforms
o MIPS: updates
o MIPS documentation

Randy Dunlap:
o oops on boot when initializing CDROM

Solar Designer:
o Fix SCSI tape driver return code
o Fix 32-bit syscall emulation waste of CPU resources

Tobias Lorenz:
o [libata sata_promise] s/sata/ata/

Tony Battersby:
o sym53c8xx_2 error handler fix
o sym53c8xx_2 sniff inquiry fix
o sym53c8xx_2 Ultra 160 requires LVD
o make SCSI error handler preserve data transfer residual
o fix for scsi_unjam_host: Miscount of number of failed commands
o fix race condition in sg.c

Özkan Sezer:
o ricoh.h, mem0 wrong definition v2.6 backport
o Wilfried Weissmann: hptraid v0.03 from -ac/redhat - minor fixes
o DAC960 firmware/alpha backport from 2.6
o Cure ISDN eicon size warning
o OPTI Viper-M/N+ chipset support (by Michael Mueller)
o hamradio scc warning type fix
o intermezzo, backport some fixes from 2.6
o intermezzo, backport some more fixes from 2.6
o intermezzo, fixes from cvs
o Mark InterMezzo as orphan
o ide-scsi update from ac/rh: Added transform for reading ATAPI tape drive block limits

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Scott Doty

Jan 19, 2005, 11:10:25 AM1/19/05
On Wed, Jan 19, 2005 at 06:38:30AM -0800, Marcelo Tosatti wrote:
> Summary of changes from v2.4.29-rc2 to v2.4.29-rc3
> ============================================
> <>:
> o [NEIGH]: Calculate hash_val after possible table growth, not before
> <>:
> o Fix net neighbour hash bug

I want to thank the Linux folks for adding this patch. In a nutshell:
works great!

We ran -rc2 with the patch on our test server overnight w/stress testing,
then 3 days on a production web server, and finally we deployed the
patched -rc2 on all public-accessable servers. The "incomplete arp problem"
never showed up.

(Now that 2.4.29 is out, we're going to do an upgrade across the board...)

Thanks again, you guys rock!


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