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using pte_offset with redhat advanced server 2.1 and an mmap deadlock???

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Jul 30, 2003, 2:35:45 AM7/30/03
I'm writing a device driver on RedHat adavanced server 2.1 that needs
to implement the mmap interface.
The first problem that I have is with using the pte_offset function.
The error that I'm getting from the compiler is: warning: implicit
declaration of function 'pte_offset'.

I've looked at the kernel sources and this function realy doesn't
exists. I found a function that is called pte_offset_kernel. Should I
use this one instead? I tried to and it seemed to work but I have what
seems to be a deadlock problem when accesing this shared memory from a
user space program so I don't know if these issues are related or not.

This brings me to my second problem - the deadlock. I'm using the
shared memory to pass Data between the driver and a userspace program.
When doing extensive usage of this shared memory the hole system get
stuck and it seems to be related to a swaping activity that starts to
be done. I'm not sure weather my mmap code it good or not. Does anyone
can point me to a well tested mmap code that map very large amount of
10x in advance,

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