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Updating the Debian Cloud Team Delegation

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Jonathan Carter

Feb 9, 2024, 11:50:04 AMFeb 9
Debian Cloud Delegates

I hereby appoint the following developers as Debian Cloud Delegates:

- Thomas Lange (lange)
- Ross Vandegrift (rvandegrift)
- Bastian Blank (waldi)

Thank you to Tomasz Rybak who have served on this delegation before.

Task Description

The Debian Cloud Delegates oversee the policies, procedures and
services that are necessary for the production and maintenance of
official images for use on cloud providers.

In keeping with Debian Free Software Guidelines (DFSG), the
Delegates will:

- Advocate for the adoption and advancement of Free Software cloud
computing platforms and tools.

- With the Debian Treasurers, who manages the Debian trademark,
establish policies and procedures for the Debian Cloud Team
regarding "Official Debian Cloud Images"

- With the Debian Project Leader and under the auspices of the
Trusted Organizations, establish Debian accounts with cloud
providers, negotiating terms and conditions where necessary.

- With the Debian System Administration Team and the Trusted
Organizations, manage Debian account credentials with the cloud
providers and establish account life-cycle processes.

- Establish and co-ordinate the activities of a Debian Cloud Team
that will maintain the infrastructure that builds, tests and
deploys said images.

Delegate Criteria

The Debian Cloud Delegates shall meet the following criteria:

- Follow the agreed team rules at:
- Must be a Debian Developer.

-Jonathan, Debian Project Leader
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