Debian Edu/Skolelinux 6.0.0 alpha1 test release

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Petter Reinholdtsen

Oct 24, 2010, 2:50:01 PM10/24/10
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This is the second test release based on Squeeze. The focus of this
release is the thin clients and the diskless workstation setup. Please
install a thin client server, and make sure all programs in the KDE
menu work on both thin clients and diskless workstations. Especially
sound is important to test.

It is also useful to check that the language specific set of packages
installed for your language are sufficient and correct.

The Gnome and LXDE desktop options (enabled by specifying desktop=gnome
or desktop=lxde on the isolinux boot prompt) need more testing. Please
let us know if the set of installed packages make sense for these

Changes compared to alpha0 and lenny version

* Everything from Debian Squeeze
+ New version of debian-installer
* Added code in the installer to select suggested profile
combinations by default based on the detected environment.
* PXE boot setup now work when installing from the DVD.
* New tool notify-local-users to send desktop notification to all
logged in users on a machine. Useful for thin client servers.
* Disable the idle job and user killer for roaming workstation
* Remove all hard coded settings on workstations, and configure
workstations and roaming workstations using settings detected from
the environment using DNS, DHCP and LDAP.
* Speed up LTSP client boot.
* Correct the boot sequence settings on a main-server to ensure a
more robust and correct boot.
* Change SSL certificate name used by the LDAP server and adjust
clients to use the new name to be able to enable certificate
checking on clients.
* Switch PowerDNS to use strict LDAP mode, to allow us to simplify
the LDAP setup used for DNS.
* Add link to on the start page shown to
new users.
* Simplify autofs LDAP rules to make sure they work with extra home
directory partitions exported from the main-server without any
* Package changes
+ Install Interactive geometry tool Geogebra version 3.2.42
+ Add RDP server to the thin client server profile to provide a
Linux desktop for Windows clients.
+ Install by default ensure OOo uses KDE file
dialogs in KDE.
+ Change video player setup to install different players in KDE
(dragonplayer), Gnome (totem) and LXDE (totem).
+ Change default package manager from adept to synaptic, to
avoid getting two graphical package managers installed by
+ Add the normal KDE tools freespacenotifier, kinfocenter,
update-notifier-kde to the default KDE installation.
+ Replace network-manager-kde with
plasma-widget-networkmanagement in the standalone KDE profile
+ Install usb-modeswitch on laptops to handle dual mode USB
+ Add cifs-utils to the default installation to ensure SMB
mounting can work in any profile.
+ Replace LWAT with GOsa as the LDAP administration interface.
+ Dropped octave, gpscorrelate, qlandkartegt, viking, starplot,
kig, kseg, luma, and valgrind from the default installation
and the DVD to make room for higher priority packages.
+ Drop libnss-mdns from stationary profiles, to make sure DNS is
the authoritive source of host names.
+ Drop gtick in the defaut installation, because it do not work
on thin clients (BTS #566335

The following features are not working as they should

* LDAP administration is missing some features (netgroup, DNS and
* DVD and netinst CD installation do not install the same set of

To download this multiarch netinstall release you can use
* rsync -avzP

To download this multiarch dvd release you can use
* rsync -avzP

There is no source DVD available yet. It will be prepared when we get
closer to the final release.

You can also download using one of the Skolelinux mirrors.

The MD5SUM of these images are
* 00eb69a9ed3a4bccd257240892416616 debian-edu-6.0.0+edua1-CD.iso
* 36a3ff4af6121c921135292ccc049c30 debian-edu-6.0.0+edua1-DVD.iso

The SHA1SUM of these images are
* 09bf80f6634043a5135fc1e062fe7b9cd1261344 debian-edu-6.0.0+edua1-CD.iso
* d87b1be703abbababb4e15de5565b31208c5abf5 debian-edu-6.0.0+edua1-DVD.iso

How to report bugs:

Happy hacking,
- --
Petter Reinholdtsen
One of the Debian Edu / Skolelinux developers
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