I2C-4 unavaiable, used by HDMI

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Javor Markov

Sep 4, 2021, 3:50:56 PM9/4/21
to linux-sunxi
Hello everyone,

I'm using a custom board with AllWinner A20 SoC which utilizes I2C4 port. However it is bind to HDMI for EDID. Kernel version is 5.4.75 and I really need I2C4 port to be avaiable. In my case, I2C2 port is free and I don't use the HDMI at all. Removing HDMI port from device tree does not free the I2C4 port. In fact it's not listed in i2cdetect and is not avaiable at all.
So question is how can I set a new I2C port to HDMI or free the I2C4 port


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