ANNOUNCE: Link Grammar version 5.10.0 now available!

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Linas Vepstas

Sep 4, 2021, 5:00:39 PMSep 4
to link-grammar, opencog

Version 5.10.0 of link-grammar is now available for download. The minor version number was bumped due to a quasi-incompatible change in the handling of idioms. They now use an underscore as the first character of the link type, and underscores are now reserved.

Other than that, there were an assortment of fixes driven by user requests:
 * Expanded English vocabulary
 * Support dictionary "#define allow-duplicate-words true". #1204
 * Fix crash for sentences containing wildcard words. #1206
 * Connector names starting with "ID" are no longer reserved. #1208
 * Connector names starting with underbar are reserved for internal use.
 * ".I" subscripts are no longer reserved; "._" subscripts are reserved.
   These last three changes introduce linkage incompatibilities.
 * Fix parsing with nulls when using an sqlite3 dictionary.
 * Fix regexes for NetBSD when using libc regexes. #1223
 * English dict: fix many "how?" questions.
 * English dict: fix conditional sentences #1240

You can download link-grammar from

The website is here:

The Link Grammar Parser is a syntactic parser of English (and other
languages as well), based on Link Grammar, an original theory of English
syntax. Given a sentence, the system assigns to it a syntactic structure,
which consists of a set of labeled links connecting pairs of words.

See the Wikipedia page for more info:

-- Linas

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