LinBox example code rank.C throws segmentation fault / does not terminate under Ubuntu

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Alexander Rahm

Jul 29, 2020, 4:51:56 PM7/29/20
to linbox-use
Dear LinBox Team,

I am using LinBox's rank computation implementation for sparse matrices in my topological data analysis software:

Now I need to run my software on a computation machine that is under Linux Ubuntu. So far I did only succeed in installing LinBox under Linux Fedora, after many failed attempts under Linux Ubuntu and Linux Debian. The script does not work on any of my machines, so on my Ubuntu computation machine, I have compiled LinBox from source, manually installing gmp and openblas, the way it did work on my Fedora laptop. Compilation of the example code rank.C from the LinBox repository then ran without error messages, but when executing it to compute the rank of the sample matrix mat.txt from the LinBox repository, it throws a segmentation fault without explanation.

I did then delete from my computation machine the recent version of LinBox, and installed the version of LinBox which is running on my laptop, namely version 1.5.2. The result is that the above computation runs without error message, but does not terminate.

Furthermore, I have compiled a binary executable file on my Fedora laptop, where it runs correctly, and then executed it on my computation machine - there, it does not terminate either.

I am sorry that I cannot provide any concrete error message, because in the above described three computation attempts, none is produced. But maybe you have already heard of a related problem earlier on, and can give me some advice?

Best wishes,


Dr. Alexander D. Rahm
Professeur d'Universités
à l'Université de la Polynésie Française
Laboratoire GAATI

Adjunct Lecturer
at National University of Ireland

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