Confessions Of A Pharmacist

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Jan 26, 2010, 4:32:29 AM1/26/10
Subject: Confessions of a pharmacist - What Big Pharma won't dare tell you about their drugs

Dear NaturalNews readers,

Pharmacists are walking encyclopedias of knowledge about the dangers of drugs, but most of them follow the Big Pharma agenda, so they rarely reveal the deadly truth about how dangerous these drugs can really be to your health.

There's only one pharmacist I've ever met who dares to break out of the Big Pharma pill box and tell patients the truth about how they can avoid the dangerous side effects of drugs and even learn how to replace dangerous drugs with safe, natural and far more affordable health supplements.

Her name? Suzy Cohen.

Suzy Cohen is a licensed, practicing pharmacist, and she's a high-energy, super knowledgeable person who isn't afraid to buck the system and tell her readers things that drug companies wouldn't dare utter.

What kinds of things? Like how Big Pharma's drugs are robbing your body of essential nutrients that prevent disease and enhance your health. (Without a sufficient supply of these nutrients in your body, you eventually begin to show even more symptoms than you had when you started taking the drug in the first place!)

In her book, Suzy has documented the truth about how to greatly reduce your risk of breast cancer and prostate cancer with a low-cost over-the-counter dietary supplement (page 200), how to zap migraine headaches with a simple vitamin (page 110) and how to slash your risk of heart attacks for just pennies a day (chapter 4).

In fact, her new book Drug Muggers reveals hundreds of drug safety warnings and tips from a licensed, practicing pharmacist who has served tens of thousands of customers in her professional career. I've read Drug Muggers and found it to be the most valuable, uncensored drug safety guide that's ever been made available to the public!

Drug Muggers is now published directly by Truth Publishing, the publishing arm of NaturalNews, so you can get it directly from us at $5 cheaper than Click the following link to order it now at the best price on the web: 

Inside Drug Muggers, you'll learn:

  • How birth control and menopausal drugs steal vital nutrients from your body, causing depression, hair loss, fatigue and low thyroid function. Learn how to safely replenish these nutrients!
  • How to tell the difference between low-quality vitamin supplements and high-quality supplements. Don't be ripped off! (Read Chapter One)
  • Which vital heart nutrient is destroyed by taking statin drugs (and how to get it back, possibly saving your own life).
  • How antidepressant drugs and psychiatric medications disrupt blood sugar metabolism, potentially accelerating diabetes. Learn about safe, natural alternatives in Drug Muggers.
  • Which drug combinations are the most dangerous and could even kill you!
  • How to safely use antibiotics in an emergency situation in a way that allows you to quickly replenish friendly flora in your gut.
  • How to boost your intimate life with a natural over-the-counter supplement that enhances blood flow to all the good parts, plus your heart! (Page 254)
  • Did you know that some foods can greatly multiply the toxicity of the drugs you're taking? Learn what to avoid eating with any drugs you might be taking (chart included!).
  • Avoid deadly side effects, and save a small fortune on drug expenditures using the vital information found inside Drug Muggers.
  • Learn a total of 1,296 absurdly inexpensive ways to feel better, get healthier and be a smarter consumer!

If you (or someone you love) is taking drugs for any medical reason, Drug Muggers is truly one of the most important books you'll ever read. It's the missing drug safety manual that the drug companies and the FDA should be putting out, but refuse to! No patient should take another Big Pharma pill until they read this book!

It covers drugs for conditions like cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, infections, pain management, thyroid, HRT, depression, weight management, skin disorders, mood, birth control, blood thinners and much more...

Get Drug Muggers directly from Truth Publishing at $5 off the price while supporting NaturalNews! Check it out here:

To your health,

- Mike Adams


P.S. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed with your purchase of Drug Muggers from Truth Publishing. If you aren't completely satisfied with the book, return it for a full refund (minus shipping). This is absolutely one of the most informative books on drug alternatives and drug safety that's ever been written... by anyone!

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