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May 7, 2010, 3:16:49 AM5/7/10
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The Choice By Christina Lunden

The decision to be here at this time was made by each of us before our births. The original plan is different than what is occurring because we were able to become more spiritually conscious than anticipated. We had finally awakened to realize that we could break the chains of ego. Now we are much more in control of what happens to us, both individually and collectively. So we continue to make choices and with each choice, change can happen.

The choice that we are moving towards is ascending to a higher dimension where we will have even more creative conscious control over our own experience. We are in essence moving up another floor in the building of Earth. Living on this higher floor gives you a better view of what is going on down below and allows you to see an even broader view of the bigger picture and places you even clearer access to Spirit. There is no more veil between us. The Angels have been sharing that we have creation abilities through what we speak. The spoken word is very powerful. This is the time to be watching what you speak and being purposeful in what you speak so you can be used to this tool of creating your life.

We also have the choice of how long we go through this ascension process. Right now, things are moving slow; very slow. That has been a recent collective choice. The Angels said the reason is fear “of the future.” What some don’t realize is these things are happening now. We are in it now. You can see this in what is happening all around us today. As we get to the crescendo of this ascension energy, it will just be “more of” this news. The easiest path through this time frame would be to continue to ask questions to your Angels about your life and what to do when these changes happen closer to home. These answers may change daily depending on the collective choices we make. Checking in spiritually on a daily basis will help you rid any fears you may have. It’s when we don’t know what is to happen or how we will be affected that can cause all kinds of crazy situations to run through our minds. That is why the Angels have been saying for the last 18 months through these teachings for you to practice communicating with your Angels for yourself so you can be comfortable with getting information on a moment’s notice. If you get your questions answered then you will be able to calm down and continue to be a channel of the spiritual light and then we can move through this time period quicker. We each have a choice to walk on the easiest, middle or hard part of our path. We will always stay on the path but where we walk on it, is up to us.

The other choice that is being made by Lightworkers is by being in groups. Anything that places us against someone else is not spiritually aligned. Whether it is a political party, racial group, nation against nation, etc. it is a judgment of right or wrong, good or bad. When we actively participate in these things our energy flows very close to the Earth and then we are not holding the higher spiritual energy of One-ness. You will know this is for you if you get emotional when hearing or speaking about politics, borders, healthcare, environmental issues, etc. When you get emotional, you lower your energy. Did you know that drugs were far less of a problem before the “War on Drugs?” Fighting against something always causes a bigger reaction. That’s true for everything, what we talk about is what we create. The Angels told me there are plenty of people who are not spiritually conscious that will continue these fights. The Lightworkers, especially those who have been called as the 144,000, have much more power in changing all of these negative situations by channeling the higher dimensional light instead of speaking out against something. If and when we are successful at ascending to the 5th Dimension, in one moment these things that are judged now not to be right will have the highest energy placed in to them just as everything else will be. We are much more powerful using our spiritual abilities than we ever have been emotionally or physically. That is why these situations never have been solved. There have been murders, wars, famine, etc. for all of our time on Earth. The way to change these things is ascend and leave them behind.

These situations on Earth may not look pretty until we ascend but we can shorten the time for the ascension if we all join together, walk the easiest path and choose to participate in the One-ness of All and not see differences in any aspect of our lives. Some of you will be resistant to letting go of these groups or thoughts. That is fine, it’s always a choice. This is a free-will place and Spirit will work with us however we choose. This information is being provided so a more informed decision can be made by the Lightworkers on how to move forward. The ascension has slowed down to a snail pace because of the focused attention on the Earth by the very Lightworkers who were to be instrumental in making this happen. So we will be going through this for a longer period of time unless different choices are made.

May you consciously be blessed with the presence of your Angels,


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